State funds renourishment in 2011-12

Florida Gov. Rick Scott struck $615 million from the state’s 2011-12 budget, but his pen didn’t strike much-sought after funding for 12 beach renourishment projects, including a major project on Anna Maria Island.

The budget that the governor had presented to the Florida Legislature early this year did not include any new money for renourishment, but, mid-session Scott indicated to a Manatee County delegation that he was receptive to renourishment funding.

That left local officials optimistic that the governor would not strip from the budget the $16.2 million for 12 top-ranked renourishment proposals before the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

And, when the governor signed the $69 billion budget in late May, he left the renourishment funding in place.

The Islandwide renourishment is scheduled for 2015, but preliminary work is scheduled to take place in upcoming years.

The new state budget for the next fiscal year includes $909,000 for verifying the location and amounts of beach-quality sand and preparing the design and state and federal permits for Anna Maria Island.

The Island project also has federal support.

2 thoughts on “State funds renourishment in 2011-12

  1. Mark Bennett

    From what I see only Bean Point and Coquina Beach get the beach nourishment. What did I miss? From the looks of it I will not have a job this time next year considering I work at a resort on the beach. Please someone tell me what I am missing here?

  2. Philip Warren

    Wonderful news for the island!! Rick Scott did one good thing so far, well two, including drug testing ALL social service benifits recipients!

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