Doritos Super Bowl ad contest has Island hook

There is potentially $1 million on the line, future guaranteed work and the prestige of having worked on what may be the funniest commercial aired during Super Bowl XLVI.

No pressure there.

While most Americans will entrench themselves in front of the television to watch the epic rematch between the New England Patriots and New York Giants, former Bradenton Beach resident Britton Foster’s focus will be on Super Bowl commercials. More specifically, he will be looking for the commercial he helped to create.

Foster worked as a gaffer, or electrical and lighting expert, on a Doritos commercial that already has been named as one of the top five best out of approximately 6,000 entries. Two of those five commercials will go head to head during the Super Bowl TV broadcast, and one will be named as the top commercial for the Doritos brand — a fan favorite in recent Super Bowl years.

But Foster won’t know if the ad spot he helped make will air until the Super Bowl broadcast.

“We won’t know anything until we see it run during the Super Bowl,” said Foster. “We are planning a little party, where the cast and crew will get together to watch the game. The director will be at the Super Bowl, and we’ll all be cheering for it, but we are pretty confident in what we’ve made.”

There’s reason to be confident in what the cast and crew have dubbed the “Bird of Prey” commercial. The ad features an actor who takes on characteristics of a bird of prey “every time he craves Doritos.” It takes an immediate humorous approach, and has a strong ending that is best left to the viewer to experience.

Foster started his career with Studio 26 Productions, in Bradenton, when he was 14. He moved to Bradenton Beach when he turned 20 and lived on Anna Maria Island for almost three years before taking his career to Hollywood a few years ago.

“I worked my way up in the production company, and that led to us taking a couple of trips out west for a couple of different shoots,” he said. “I decided to roll the dice and move out here to see if I could do bigger and better things.”

That gamble has paid off with steady work on national ad campaigns, music videos and more. He is a cinematographer by trade, but is skilled in film-making, and finds various types of work.

The cast and crew that worked on the “Bird of Prey” Doritos commercial were already friends and former coworkers when they decided to make the ad. Foster said familiarity made shooting the commercial that much more fun.

“I was actually hurting after every shoot from laughing so hard,” said Foster.

It already has paid off with a $20,000 prize as one of the five finalists for Super Bowl 2012.

If you don’t believe Foster, visit and let your funny bone make the decision. Each time you vote, you become eligible to win $10,000 from Doritos.

The first hope is to see the commercial air, but Foster said there still will be some nerves.

A select group of judges will determine the winner between the two Doritos finalists on TV during the Super Bowl, Sunday, Feb. 5, at 6:30 p.m.

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