Anna Maria commissioner storms out

        Anna Maria Commissioner Chuck Webb stood up, took the microphone as if to ask a question at the Feb. 28 town hall meeting, and promptly warned other elected officials their attendance amounted to a “potential Sunshine Law violation.” He then left the meeting, mumbling comments to Anna Maria Commissioner Dale Woodland as he exited.

        The Islander sponsored the town meeting at the Holmes Beach city chambers to provide a chance to talk one-on-one with state Sen. Bill Galvano.

        Webb was referring to the Florida law that prohibits members on the same public board or commission to meet and discuss any matter the board may act upon, unless reasonable notice is given of the meeting. The Sunshine Law applies to any gathering of two or more members.

        But both Islander publisher Bonner Joy and Holmes Beach clerk Stacey Johnston responded that the notice had been posted both at city hall and in the newspaper.

        Woodland next took the mic and announced he disagreed with Webb’s interpretation of the law and the meeting continued with members of the audience, including officials from all three island cities and others in the audience relating questions and comments to Galvano prior to the March 5 startup of the two-month legislative session in Tallahassee.

        On the Sunshine Law issue of council members attending a community forum, a 1996 state Attorney General opinion concluded that so long as council members did not discuss among themselves matters that could come before the council, the gathering was not subject to the law.

        Assistant Attorney General Lagran Saunders wrote, “The mere expression of a council member’s position on a matter that may foreseeably come before the council does not necessarily subject the meeting to the Sunshine Law.”

5 thoughts on “Anna Maria commissioner storms out

  1. becca

    Glad to see ALL THREE comments so far SUPPORT Mr. Webb. Money and greed really do alter the worldview of some. LET’S KEEP OUR ISLAND VIBE. I never want to move, but if this island keeps going in the direction it has been, with Beach to Bay, and the rest of the defacing of the island, where will all THE GOOD PEOPLE GO??? Props to Jack Johnson, sort of.

    1. Jeffrey Albertson

      My previous comment was in no way intended as a compliment. Anyone who “storms out” is obviously someone with very little self control.

  2. Christine Sket

    I applaud Mr. Webb… From the lowest level of government to the highest it is “We the People” NOT “We the Politicians!” However, the “powers that be” often forget and if reminded resort to bullying and name calling or using their political supporters to bully them. I know first-hand this pattern and it needs to end NO politician or CITIZEN should ever fear doing what they know is right!!!

  3. Jeffrey Albertson

    The community can rest easily knowing that such a reasonable and level-headed fellow as Chuck Webb is taking care of business. No matter how tough the going gets, he can be counted on to never lose his cool. With this kind of exemplary behavior, certainly the sky is the limit for this brilliant politician.

  4. Dale Schmitdz

    Yeah the mayors and three or four city councilmen should be able to sit around and talk about singling resort rentals out for “extra” regulation. What does Chuck Webb an attorney and president of the Manatee Legal Association know? Dale and Sue are attorneys right? I know Galvano is. Look the cats out of the bag. Bankers, lawyers, and hedge funds managers are investing in resort real estate because RR’S earn more than stocks and bonds. Noise, dogs on the beach, free for all college parties; Anna Maria ain’t seen nothing yet.


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