Court drops charges against Hillsborough couple

Two people found sleeping in a vehicle at the Manatee Public Beach last spring are off the hook.

In April 2017, Jonathan Scrocco, 27, of Brandon, was arrested on nine counts of possessing drug paraphernalia and Selena Terwilliger, 20, of Valrico, was arrested on one paraphernalia charge.

Judge K. Douglas Henderson withheld adjudication Jan. 16 on the charge against Terwilliger.

The state dropped nine counts against Scrocco in May 2017 after prosecutors determined they could not prove he knew about or controlled the paraphernalia, according to a state attorney’s office interdepartmental memo.

Holmes Beach police had reported finding Scrocco in the driver’s seat with the vehicle running and Terwilliger passed out in the passenger seat. The officers also found eight hypodermic needles and two glass pipes in the trunk.

Police reported Terwilliger attempted to hide a bag of what she told the officer was Spice, a synthetic marijuana. It weighed 6.7 grams, according to a police report.

The state brought no charge against either defendant related to the Spice.

Terwilliger was fined $1,015 in court costs and fines.

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