Fraud ends without loss to KRC

The Key Royale Club is out no money after BB&T recognized a fraud involving the club’s checking account.

Club treasurer Debbie Richardson filed a police report March 7 with Holmes Beach police, leading to a bank reimbursement for about $9,000 in fraudulent checks.

“They were not Key Royale’s checks but they were made to look like them,” Richardson said April 6 in a phone interview.

A computer program was apparently used to replicate KRC checks and three such checks hit different banks on the same day, she said.

“Unfortunately, it’s not that unusual,” Richardson said about the fraud, adding tellers typically catch improper drafts.

In this case, the first two fake checks weren’t recognized when presented, she said, but a teller caught the third check and a suspect was arrested.

A suspected fraudster was arrested out of town and the bank is still investigating the connection to the fraud, according to Holmes Beach Police Detective Sgt. Brian Hall.

— Kathy Prucnell

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