Treehouse stands, court action stalled

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Holmes Beach resident Reina Glavan arrives to the beach July 27 from the 29th Street path next to the treehouse owned by Richard and Lynn Tran, 103 29th St., Holmes Beach. Two 12th Circuit Court cases, one seeking a judicial decision on the city’s setback ordinance and another to enforce a magistrate’s ruling to remove the treehouse, are pending. Islander Photo: Kathy Prucnell

8 thoughts on “Treehouse stands, court action stalled

  1. Randy Hoffman

    You know I wonder who owns the land and pays the taxes? I am so tired of being told what I can do on our land anymore. Why buy anything anymore because you don’t own it anyway. All these cities and counties tell everyone what you can and cannot do to me is BS. If they are paying there taxes and not harming anything why is this a problem. People like it so let them have some fun. We as humans are getting our feelings hurt way to much anymore. Put up your pants and start enjoying life instead of trying to mess with someone else’s. This Treehouse is awesome let them go and my nd your own business.

  2. J.H.

    Why don’t we all build a structure on the beach. These people did and seem to be getting away with it. Why not, who follows rules or laws anyway. Court rulings dont seem to matter. Leaving this up sets a bad precedent for the future. These law breakers are costing us taxpayers money by continuing this losing battle. Tear it down and bill them the cost of this whole legal ordeal. These people need to learn to follow rules, they believe they are above the rule of law.

  3. Sandy Hanning

    Let it go already! The treehouse is cute and should stay! How much money is this costing to fight over something so minor and not really an issue. Seems to be a power play to me.

  4. tanqua brown

    richard and lynn violated the law and have cost the taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars
    maybe watertown ma. can afford to foot the bill but holmes beach cannot

  5. Elodia Thomas

    Save the Treehouse! Turn this situation into a win-win. How about negotiating access to the site for an annual celebration fundraiser to benefit Holmes Beach charities? The Treehouse is magical. People see it as they walk on the beach and their faces light up. It’s not hurting anyone. It has survived fierce storms. End a divisive situation that has been going on for way too long, has had too many he said, she said anecdotes, and balls dropped. As visitors who appreciate the beauty and vibe of AMI, please cease the conflict and mediate a solution. Richard and Lynn are lovely, hospitable hosts and caring stewards of the environment. See you in October.

    Elodia Thomas & Bruce Coltin
    Watertown, MA

    1. Steve

      Tear it down – they have laughed in the face of the American judicial system since this debacle began. How it looks isn’t important – where they built it is. Tear it down, pay your penalties, then reapply the proper way and see if you get a permit.


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