Trial date set for final suspect in shark-dragging case

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Screenshots from the viral video of a shark-dragging that occurred near Egmont Key in June 2017 show the fishermen as they watched the shark being dragged behind their boat. Islander File Photo

A judge’s denial of defense motions sets the stage for a shark dragger’s trial.

Robert Lee Benac, 30, was in a courtroom in the 13th Circuit Court May 9 with attorney Justin Petredis, asking that his case be dismissed for lack of facts supporting a felony animal cruelty charge. Alternatively, they sought to sever the state’s prosecution of a misdemeanor charge for shooting a shark with a firearm.

Benac is the last defendant in the shark dragging case stemming from a video that appalled animal rights activists and state officials — up to the governor’s office — the summer of 2017.

Judge Mark Wolfe denied the defense motions during an hourlong hearing, according to public information officer Mike Moore. The judge confirmed a previously set June 24 trial and set a pretrial for June 18.

The case arose from the video showing the men laughing and dragging a shark off the back of a boat at high speed.

Benac, Michael Wenzel, Spencer Heintz and Nicholas Easterling, were on the boat and fishing near Egmont Key in June 2017, where other videos showed them spearing and shooting sharks.

Wenzel, the boat’s captain, pleaded guilty in February to a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty and using an illegal method to catch a shark. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail, 11 months probation, including 100 hours of community service, and fined $2,500. Wenzel also lost his commercial fishing license for five years.

In May 2018, Wolfe dismissed charges against Heintz after prosecutors agreed his actions were not criminal.

Easterling, who grew up on Anna Maria Island and cooperated with authorities, was not charged.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission assisted in the investigation.

Former Gov. Rick Scott Gov. Rick Scott announced in 2018 letters to the FWC the state had zero tolerance for animal abuse.

Benac is the son of Manatee County Commissioner Betsy Benac.

Robert Benac’s pretrial is set for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 18.

His trial is scheduled at 8:30 a.m., Monday, June, 24.

All proceedings will be held at 401 N. Jefferson St., Tampa.

4 thoughts on “Trial date set for final suspect in shark-dragging case

  1. JezMyOpinion

    His dad is mad saying this isn’t justice, his baby boy, Bo Benac, can’t go fishing for three years – boo hoo! He’ll get caught fishing in that time, I’d bet money on it. He too spoiled and self entitled to not do what he wants. Hope they’re watching him.

  2. maite

    This was an example of young thugs who appear to think that they are entitled to do whatever their warped hearts desire.
    I can only ponder as to how their parents raised them or how (parents) did behaved in front of for their children to turn so cruel with a sentient creature that could not defend herself or himself.
    Hope that the Manatee County Commissioner, Betsy Benac has some time put aside and begin to teach ethics and real life of responsibility toward people and animals.

  3. Sophia

    Hope WE get a fair trial and this spoiled momma’s boy finally gets to grow up. Own up and learn some respect! A nice long jail sentence will make him appreciate his freedom. Glad it’s in Tampa. Thanks to former Gov. Rick Scott for not allowing favoritism to stop prosecution of the cruel and disrespectful behavior from these buddies.

    1. JezMyOpinion

      He only got ten days, but the real punishment for this spoiled mammas boy is that he can’t fish for three years.

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