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Date of Issue: March 02, 2006

Board says cleanup eyesore home

Owners of an Anna Maria home that has been a visual eyesore for a number of years were given until March 29 by the code enforcement board to clean up the property or face a fine of up to $250 a day for continued code violations.

The board heard testimony at its Feb. 13 meeting from code enforcement officer Gerry Rathvon that the property at 237 Chilson has had "ongoing" violations for several years.

Among the current violations are unlicensed and abandoned vehicles in the yard, a non-working pool, PVC pipes, mulch bags and plywood stored outside the home and an outside shed that encroaches on the setback.

The violations were first noticed in November after a complaint was filed and Rathvon inspected the property, she said. While there has been "some improvement" in the condition of the property since November, a number of violations still exist, she added.

Rathvon said she and several other city residents voluntarily went to the property last year and mowed the grass and picked up the yard to "assist the homeowners," but the violations have returned.

But Robert Louloudes, the grandson of the owners, said it's not easy being the sole support and caretaker of his grandparents.

Louloudes, who has lived at the property for 14 years with his grandparents, said he recently broke his leg playing semi-professional football, his grandfather has Alzheimer's, his father has diabetes and can't work, his grandmother recently had a stroke and he's the only household member able to work.

He said his work schedule and recent injury have prevented him from cleaning up the property and as the only income earner in the household, there's not enough money to hire outside help.

"I'm embarrassed by the house," he said, "but I really have no excuse. I'm just not making the money right now."

The board found the owners were in violation of various city codes, but gave Louloudes until March 29 to come into compliance with the noted violations.

After that, the board could impose a fine of up to $250 a day against the property if the violations are not fixed.