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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

Cell tower applicants meet with Anna Maria officials

Four months after picking up an application for a cell tower in Anna Maria, representatives of the MarSac Group in Bradenton (The Islander, Nov. 19, 2003) met last week with Mayor SueLynn and Building Official Kevin Donohue in a "pre-application" conference.

Donohue said he and the mayor met March 3 with Dan Sack and Ray Alexander, the principals of MarSac, to discuss a possible proposal for a "personal wireless services facility."

"They didn't say they were going to apply, and they didn't present an application," said Donohue, but they presented a model design of a 150-foot-high flagpole as a cell tower.

The antenna for the tower would be enclosed in the flagpole, according to Donohue, and the tower would handle multiple carriers.

He said the men indicated they had discussed a possible location at Galati Marine on South Bay Boulevard.

Donohue told the men that the current cell tower ordinance limits the height of towers to 37 feet.

He said he reviewed the application process for a cell tower location, and also the procedures necessary to apply for a variance.

The men indicated they still had work to do before making any application, Donohue concluded.