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Date of Issue: March 21, 2010

Playoff seeds set for youth football season

The seedings are set for the NFL Flag Football playoffs and a possible spot in the 2010 Super Bowl. There were no surprises as the top spot in the division standings hasn’t really changed since the midway point of the season.

Tortilla Bay Dolphins in Division III, Ross Built Raiders in Division II and Tapes Tennis Titans in Division I earned what is supposed to be the easier route to their respective Super Bowl championships

The only late surge was made by the BeachHouse Cardinals, languishing in last place only two weeks ago and now in third place. That might not sound like a major push, but it allows them to avoid top seeded Tortilla Bay Dolphins in the first round of the playoffs, which get started Wednesday, March 3, culminating with the Super Bowl games Saturday, March 6.

In NFL Flag Football action last week, Josh Zawistoski ran for 188 yards and three touchdowns to lead Island Real Estate Ravens past Holy Cow Cowboys 26-22 in 10-12 division action Feb. 24. The win helped the Ravens clinch the No. 3 seed in the playoffs. Zawistoski also passed for 55 yards, including a touchdown pass to Mat Denigris-Manger, who finished with 45 receiving yards. Zawistoski led the defensive effort as well with 10 flag pulls, while Denigris-Manger, Trent Boring and Brandon Blanford each added two pulls in the victory.

Quarterback Zach Stewart passed for 92 yards, ran for 58 yards and scored a pair of touchdowns to lead the Cowboys, which also received 70 yards of total offense and a touchdown from Burke McCampbell-Hill. Henrik Hellem-Brusso ran for 42 yards and added 49 receiving yards and a two-point conversion in the loss for the Cowboys.

McCampbell-Hill led the defense with five flag pulls, while Mikey Ellsworth, Cooper Hardy and Hellem-Brusso each finished with one pull.

Galati Yacht Sales Raiders defeated Lapensee Plumbing Ravens 35-20 in Division I action Feb. 24. Aaron Van Hook ran for 129 yards, including a touchdown and an extra point, to lead the Raiders, which also received 129 passing yards and three TD passes from Daniel Doyle. He connected with Luke Shakelford for one score and Anna Maria Galati for two touchdowns in the victory.

The Raiders had a strong defensive performance led by Van Hook, who had three pulls and an interception that he returned for a touchdown. Doyle and Galati each contributed three flag pulls, while Shakelford had an interception.

The Ravens were led by Tommy Price, who had 48 receiving yards and a touchdown on offense and added five flag pulls and two interceptions and a touchdown on defense. Rainia Lardas scored the other touchdown for the Ravens, which also received 56 passing yards from Hunter Parish in the loss.

Tapes Tennis Titans wrapped up the No. 1 seed in Division I thanks to a 34-25 victory over second-place Anna Maria Oyster Bar Panthers Feb. 24. QB Austin Ferrer paced the Titans with 154 passing yards, 54 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns. Max Miller had 62 receiving yards, a touchdown, an extra point and a two-point conversion, while Kyle Parsons added 47 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Chandler Hardy paced the defense with an interception that he returned for a touchdown, while Miller led the team with five flag pulls. Ferrer added four flag pulls and an interception, while Nick Mello finished with two flag pulls and a sack.

The Panthers were led by Christian Hightower’s 103 passing yards and three touchdown passes. Jordan Grabski added 102 yards of offense, including one touchdown, while Liam Cassidy finished with 40 receiving yards and a touchdown. Carolyn Cullinan completed the Panther scoring with one touchdown. Hightower led the Panther defense with six flag pulls, while Grabski added one pull and an interception in the loss.

The BeachHouse Cardinals served notice that they are a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs with a 30-12 victory over first-place Tortilla Bay Dolphins Feb. 22. The Cardinals rushed for an incredible 266 yards led by 112 yards and two touchdowns from Alexander Buttram. Tyler Pearson chipped in with 99 and a pair of touchdowns for the Cardinals, which also received a touchdown from Brooke Capparelli in the victory.

Buttram led the Cardinal defense with eight flag pulls, while Masen Blandford added an interception. Pearson finished with three pulls, while Cameron Pasco added two in the big win.

Ethan Bertrand ran for 64 yards and added 55 receiving yards and a touchdown to lead the Dolphins, which also received 61 rushing yards from Hannah McCracken. Trent Shackelford rounded out the Dolphin offense with 60 passing yards.

Bertrand also led the defense with 10 flag pulls, while McCracken added seven in the loss.

Anna Maria Oyster Bar Panthers plundered the Galati Yacht Sales Raiders to the tune of a 51-26 shellacking in Division I action Feb. 22. Christian Hightower threw for 197 yards and five touchdowns to lead the Panthers, which also received 135 receiving yards and four touchdowns from Jordan Grabski. Christian Hightower added a touchdown, while James Hardy also found the end zone for the Panthers.

Grabski added to the Panther scoring when he took an interception to the house. Christian Hightower led the Panthers with four flag pulls and two interceptions, while Lauren Hightower added one flag pull and a QB sack in the victory.

Aaron Van Hook’s 97 passing yards, 87 rushing yards and two touchdowns led the Raiders, which also received 72 receiving yards, including a touchdown and an extra point, from Garrison Clark. Luke Shackelford added 42 receiving yards and a touchdown and Michael Galati had an extra point to round out the Raider scoring in the loss.

Van Hook paced the Raiders with six flag pulls and an interception, while Shackelford and Michael Galati each finished with two pulls. Anna Maria Galati and Clark each contributed a flag pull and a sack for the Raiders.

Austin Ferrer passed for 165 yards and two touchdowns, while also running for 60 yards and a touchdown during Tapes Tennis Titans’ 26-6 victory over Lapensee Plumbing Ravens in Division I action Feb. 22. Chandler Hardy led all receivers with 79 yards and a touchdown, while Nick Papazian added 41 receiving yards and a touchdown. Kyle Parsons finished with 79 yards of total offense and a touchdown to round out the Titan offense.

The Titan defense was led by five flag pulls and two interceptions from Ferrer and a pair of interceptions from Parsons. Papazian added three pulls, while Patrick Edwards and Hardy finished with two flag pulls each.

Hunter Parrish scored the lone Raven touchdown, while Chris Pate, Tommy Price and Olivia Roemer combined for 104 passing yards in the loss. Price, Pate and Alex Bernhard led the Raven defense with three flag pulls each, while Parrish had two and Rainia Lardas and Roemer each finished with one.

Key Royale golf news

The men of the Key Royale Club in Holmes Beach played an 18-hole, low-net-of-partners game Feb. 24. The team of Ron Pritchard and Jim Shepard combined to card a 1-under-par 63 to take first-place honors and the bragging rights that go along with it. Second place went to Bob Terhar and Peter Proxy with a 65, while Bob Kral and Gino DiClemente carded a 66 to finish in a tie for third place with Ed Havlik and Paul Proxy.

The Key Royale Club women played a nine-hole, individual-low-gross game on Feb. 23. Flight AA winner was Penny Williams with a 3-over-par 35, while Marcia Helgeson’s 42 was good enough for the top spot in Flight A. Joyce Brown was one shot back in second place, while Nancy King took third with a 45. Flight C saw a tie for first between Barb Harrold and Sally Martin with a pair of matching 49s, while Terry Westby took third place with a 50. Margaret Schuller carded a 51 to take first place in Flight D, two shots ahead of second-place finishers Nell Bergstrom and Mary Miller.

Karl Wencker and Bob Dickinson combined to fire an even-par 64 to win the Feb. 22 low-net-of-partners-game. One shot back in second place was the team of Dave Schroer and Ed Daily. Earl Ritchie rode a hole-in-one on hole eight by partner Jim Shepard to a 67, which put them in a four-way tie for third place with the teams of Jerry Brown and Fred Meyer, Chuck Reed and Dana Cessna and Web Cutting and Bruce Christensen.

The women and men teamed up for a nine-hole, best-ball-of-foursome match Feb. 19. The team of Nell Bergstrom, Dorothy McKinna, Gary Alford and Peter Proxy carded a 26, matched by the team of Jerry Brown, Joyce Brown, Gordon McKinna and Al Gunn.

Horseshoe news

Three teams emerged from pool play with three wins, including walker Bruce Munro, who drew a bye into the finals. Sam Samuels and Bob Mason rolled past Tom Rhodes and Jeff Nolastaname by a score of 22-9 with Mason ending the match with a double ringer. The finals saw Munro “walk” over Mason and Samuels by a 21-12 score.

Play gets under way at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome.

AMICC NFL Flag Football schedule

Date Time       Teams
8-9 Division
Mar. 2     6 p.m.      Awards ceremony
Mar. 3     6 p.m.      BeachHouse  vs. Sparks
Mar. 5     6 p.m.      Sandbar vs. Tortilla Bay
Mar. 6     2 p.m.      Super Bowl
Mar. 6     4 p.m.      All-Star game  

10-12 Division
Mar. 2     7 p.m.      Awards ceremony
Mar. 3     7 p.m.      IRE vs. Bones
Mar. 5     7 p.m.      Walter vs. Ross
Mar. 6     11 a.m.    Super Bowl
Mar. 6     1 p.m.      All-Star game

13-16 Division
Mar. 2     7 p.m.      Awards ceremony
Mar. 3     8 p.m.      Galati vs. Oyster Bar 
Mar. 5     8 p.m.      Lapensee vs. Tapes
Mar. 6     10 a.m.    Super Bowl
Mar. 6     12 p.m.    All-Star game

Adult Coed Division
Mar. 4     7 p.m.      Chiefs vs. Bengals
Mar. 4     8 p.m.      Titans vs. Raiders
Mar. 6     3 p.m.      Super Bowl

AMICC NFL Flag Football standings

8-9 Division
Team       won lost  tie    points
Dolphins 10    2      0      30
Eagles     6      6      0      18
Cardinals 4      8      0      12
Saints      4      8      0      12

10-12 Division
Raiders    9      1      0      27
Bengals   7      3      0      21
Ravens    5      5      0      15
Titans      4      6      0      12
Falcons    3      7      0      9

Cowboys 2      8      0      6

13-16 Division
Titans      9      3      0      27
Panthers  7      5      0      21
Raiders    6      6      0      18
Ravens    2      10    0      6

Adult Coed Division
Raiders    6      1      0      18
Bengals   5      2      0      15
Chiefs      4      3      0      12
Titans      3      4      0      9
Cowboys 2      5      0      6
Lions       1      6      0      3