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Date of Issue: March 16, 2006

Beware: Bradenton Beach sign crackdown begins April 1

Anyone doing business in Bradenton Beach who has or wants a sign has until April 1 to come into compliance with the city’s new sign law.

The sign ordinance was enacted last year. It deals with all signs in an effort to "promote health, safety, convenience, aesthetics and general welfare of the community by controlling the indiscriminate erection of signs that are intended to communicate to the public."

Probably the most impact will fall to real estate companies who put up "for sale" or "for rent" signs. The new law requires the signs to be free-standing and attached "to a maximum of two 4-by-4 support posts with the top of the supporting arm located a maximum of 4 feet from the ground."

There will be a fee for all signs and a host of regulations to adhere to, as well as color limitations, lighting requirements and other stipulations.

Cost of signs is pro-rated this year at $25 for new signs, and decals are required for all signs. As of Oct. 1, 2006, cost of real estate signs will be $50 each per year for new signs, $25 for annual renewals.

As Building Official Ed Mc Adam described it, "One real estate office may wish to purchase a decal for one sign to be placed and relocated to another property, whereas another real estate company may decide to purchase 10 separate decals to be placed on 10 real estate signs in 10 locations and relocated at various times. Signs without a valid decal, as of April 1, 2006, will be removed by city staff. The sign owner may retrieve that sign at a cost of $35 each."

For more information or to apply for sign permits, contact the building department at 778-1005.