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Date of Issue: March 23, 2006

Board says 'junk' boat must go away

Remove boat or pay fine
Anna Maria's Code Enforcement Board ruled March 13 that this pontoon boat at 319 Tarpon St. has been abandoned and ordered the property owner to remove the vessel or face a fine of up to $250 per day. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

Members of the Anna Maria Code Enforcement Board ruled at their March 13 meeting that a boat located at 319 Tarpon St. has been "abandoned" and ordered the property owner to get rid of the vessel by March 20 or face a fine of up to $250 per day until the boat is removed from the property.

Code Enforcement Officer Gerry Rathvon said she’s been trying since Nov. 30 to get property owner Paul Pelletreau to remove the boat, since it does not have a current license, is partially dismantled and is apparently inoperable.

Rathvon told the board that the boat violates the city code on abandoned vessels and vehicles.

She said she sent a notice to Pelletreau on Nov. 30 and received no response. She inspected the property on Jan. 3, but found no change in the status of the boat and sent Pelletreau a notice of violation on Jan. 4, giving him 30 days to come into compliance with the code.

Pelletreau did not contact her during this time, she said, and she reinspected the boat again on Feb. 15, but found no change. The property was posted on Feb. 22 for a code violation and a certified letter was then mailed to Pelletreau.

Rathvon said she never received the certified mail receipt, but upon inspection of the property prior to the March 13 board meeting, found the violation notice had been removed.

"The boat is in the same place and remains abandoned and inoperable," she told the board.

In the absence of Pelletreau from the March 13 hearing, the board quickly ruled unanimously that he was in violation of the city code and gave him until March 20 to remove the abandoned vessel. If the property is "not brought into compliance" by that date, the board has the authority to assess a fine of up to $250 per day for each day the property is not in compliance with the code.

The board will meet April 4 to determine if the boat has been removed and if any fines are appropriate.

In other business, the board learned that the English property on North Shore Drive was now in compliance regarding the maximum fence height code.

The board also learned that CEB vice chairman Gordon Atkinson is moving to North Carolina in late April and will vacate his position.