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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

Curbside recycling to start - finally - in Bradenton Beach

Curbside recycling is finally coming to Bradenton Beach.

Public Works Director Dottie Poindexter said blue bins and white buckets would be distributed to sanitation customers the first week in April, with collection expected to begin later in the month.

Glass and plastic should be placed in the blue bin; newspaper can be placed in the white bucket; aluminum cans should be placed in plastic bags, Poindexter said. Recycling collection day citywide will be Thursday.

Cardboard boxes should be flattened and placed near the recyclable material for pickup. Food containers should first be rinsed out to protect against insects and rodents invading containers, Poindexter advised.

Items that may not be recycled include phone books, junk mail, hazardous materials, aerosol cans and batteries.

Phase 1 of the curbside recycling program will include single-family homes and multi-family dwellings of up to four units. Phase 2 will include condominiums and businesses that choose to participate in the recycling program.

The recycling program will come at a price: City commissioners have agreed on a 20-percent increase in annual sanitation charges to all residential customers, and the bills should be in the mail just about the same time as the recycling bins and buckets are being dropped off.

The commission - with little comment - approved a residential charge of $150 per year, up from the current $125. New charges for the various units include:

Duplex $150
Condo apartment $150
Residential condo $125
Residential motel $150
Motel unit $125 per unit.
Mobile home unit $150
Rear-door pickup $300
Commercial retail $125 per can.
Commercial business $1,120 per Dumpster.

There will still be no charge for collection of appliances, yard waste or tires.

Further information regarding the recycling program may be provided by Poindexter at 778-3947.