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Date of Issue: April 16, 2008

Anna Maria City looks to redefine 'Center'

In an effort to allow the Anna Maria Island Community Center to continue to do what it’s been doing in the community for the past 48 years, Anna Maria city commissioners at their April 10 meeting proposed an ordinance to “legalize” the Center’s activities.

Many of those activities, such as sporting events and educational classes, are not currently defined and permitted in the city’s public recreation area ordinance.

The draft ordinance defines those uses and requires the Center to inform the city “no less than” one week in advance when it expects to have an activity where more than 200 people will attend, or when alcoholic beverages will be served.

A final reading of the ordinance will be held April 24.

In other business, commissioners discussed a number of options for the amount of an annual stormwater utility fee, including an environmental service unit maximum of $58.94. Most single-family residences would be one ESU.

That fee would give the city about $103,000 in annual revenue, city engineer Tom Wilcox said, and allow the city to maintain the entire stormwater-drainage system currently planned and have funds for future replacement of capital items in the system.

Wilcox suggested the ESU could be as low as $9 per year for the 1,750 parcels in the city that will be subject to the fee. Commissioners agreed to make a final decision April 24.

The commission also reviewed and discussed increases and additions to the current schedule of fees charged by the building department, but made no commitment to any changes.

Commissioners also agreed to have the final reading on April 24 for an ordinance establishing a $1 million loan for Phase I and II of the stormwater-drainage project.