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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

AME FCAT results look good

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test in reading, math and writing show Anna Maria Elementary School in the top echelon once again.

AME Principal Kathy Hayes said the school ranked number one in the county in several testing categories. Third-graders were first in the district in math, fourth-graders were first districtwide in math and reading and fifth-graders were first in reading and science. All classes remained in the top three for all other subjects.

Hayes said that in the overall picture AME improved in every content area. "When we improve at our own school, that's when I feel good," she said. "We are doing some great things with the great kids that we have here."

Fifth-grade teacher Anne Kinnan added that she believes it's the great teachers that help make a difference.

The scores are representative of all students who took the FCAT exam and do not exclude students who may have disabilities or needed accommodations.

In math, 93 percent of third-grade students - up from 85 percent of last year's third-graders - scored a three or above on the test taken in early March. Students that score an FCAT achievement level of three or above are considered to be at grade level, proficient or advanced.

In reading, AME's scores were good, with 86 percent of third-grade students reading at or above grade level, but down slightly compared to last year's class in which 90 percent of students scored a three or above.

Districtwide, 66 percent of third-graders scored a three or above in reading, matching the state average. In math, 62 percent of Manatee County third-graders scored at or above grade level compared to 64 percent of students statewide.

In fourth-grade, 91 percent of students achieved a proficiency level in reading and 83 percent were proficient in math, which is consistent with last year's fourth-grade class.

Districtwide in reading, 68 percent of students achieved a level of proficiency and 58 percent did the same in math.

Scores for the fourth-grade writing portion of the FCAT were also released last week, and once again AME ranked high.

Scores range from a low 1.0 to a high 6.0 on the writing exam and in Manatee County 89 percent of fourth-graders scored at a level three or above.

Of the 48 Island fourth-graders tested, 96 percent achieved a level three or above and the average score was a 3.9.

The average score for the state and county at fourth-grade level is 3.6.

Fifth-grade students also took the FCAT reading and math tests as well as a science test for the first time this year.

Scores for the science FCAT were not available yet, but Hayes has learned that AME ranked at the top of the list.

In reading, 86 percent of AME fifth-graders achieved a three or above compared to 62 percent districtwide.

In math, 79 percent of fifth-graders achieved a three or greater compared to 51 percent districtwide.

Individual student achievement reports will be sent home with student report cards on the last day of school, May 25.

For students who have taken the FCAT exam before, scores from prior years will also be included for comparison with current FCAT information.