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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

Island Middle School aces FCAT writing score

Island Middle School eighth-graders can hold their heads high amidst the release of the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test writing scores, which show outstanding achievements despite the school's political turmoil.

IMS eighth-graders were among the highest achievers, ranking second to King Middle School by .1 difference in average scores.

The FCAT writing scores range from a low 1.0 to a high 6.0. The average score among IMS eighth-graders is 4.2, up from last year's average 3.6.

Of the 32 students tested, 100 percent of them achieved a score at a level three or above.

IMS scored above the county and state averages. Countywide, 90 percent of eighth-graders achieved a three or better. The statewide average score is a 3.8.

Students achieved these results despite a turnover in staff just weeks before the FCAT was administered.

Scores for the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders in the FCAT reading and math were also notable.

Scores on the reading and math portion of the exam ranged from a level 1 to 5 with level 2 being a passing grade.

In reading, 76 percent of sixth-graders, 71 percent of seventh-graders and 73 percent of eighth-graders earned a level three or above.

IMS students were above the county average in reading. Countywide, less than 60 percent of middle school students achieved a three or above.

In math countywide, 42 percent of sixth-graders, 51 percent of seventh-graders and 58 percent of eighth-graders achieved a level three or greater.

At IMS 48 percent of sixth-graders, 46 percent of seventh-graders and 67 percent of eighth-graders were proficient in math.

This year's IMS sixth-graders showed improvement over last year's class in reading, but not in math.

The seventh-grade class this year was not as proficient as last year's class by roughly 10 percentage points.

And this year's eighth-graders outscored last year's class by a wide margin in all categories.