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Date of Issue: May 20, 2009

Kids Day celebrates school's end

Max Outhwaite, 3, commands the ship during Snooks Adams Kids Day hosted by the Anna Maria Island Privateers May 16 in Anna Maria's Bayfront Park.
Kids search for slightly buried treasure during Snooks Adams Kids Day.
"Smallarms" Gunner O’Brien, 2, attends Kids Day in Bayfront Park May 16.

Summer unofficially began Saturday.

The Anna Maria Island Privateers celebrated the end of the 2008-09 school term and the arrival of summer with the annual Snooks Adams Kids Day in Bayfront Park May 16.

With AMIP’s boat-float, the Skullywag, anchored in the parking lot, Island kids had an easy time finding the party.

And kids had a pretty easy time gathering up loot and filling their bellies, with treasure to be found, prizes to be claimed and free hot dogs and chips to be feasted upon.

“It’s all good,” Nathan Parks, 6, of Bradenton, brandishing a plastic sword and sporting a grease-paint moustache.

“Arggh,” said Emily Czerwinski, 9, of Bradenton, as she lifted a black eye-patch to look at a skull and crossbones painted on her sister’s check.

The holiday in the park is named for former Holmes Beach Police Chief Snooks Adams, who, decades ago, decided to honor students for nine months of hard work with a party at the beach.

Adams, in addition to providing the Jeep transport, provided hot dogs and soda pop. He continued to host the growing Kids Day into the 1980s, when the Privateers joined the effort.

“The kids look forward to it every year,” Sandee Czerwinski said. “They started out sharing pirate hats. Now they each have their own.”