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Date of Issue: May 21, 2008

Holmes Beach commissioners take up land use

Use of land was the highlight of the Holmes Beach City Commission meeting May 13.

Commissioners, with virtually no comment, agreed to a new element in the city’s comprehensive plan that deals with the public schools portion of the document. The comp plan is the guiding document for future growth within all cities, counties and schools in Florida.

Changes to the existing plan were minor, mostly dealing with greater review of Manatee County School Board policies and because the city echoes the district’s policies.

There was no public comment on the comp plan changes on first reading. Final determination on the matter is scheduled for May 27.

Use of docks also was topic - or the fees and licensing of docks, an issue that has been ongoing in the city for years. Specifically, those pesky T-end docks at 72nd and 74th and 75th and 77th streets.

According to the ordinance, “The city intends to construct new docks and associated pilings within these waterways as existing docks become obsolete … and the city desires to license the use of these city-owned docks.”

A resolution briefly discussed during the commission’s work session states, “The city hereby establishes a revised annual dock registration fee in the amount of $50 for the registration of existing docks located [in the area]. The city additionally hereby establishes an annual fee of $425 for the licensed use of city-owned docks and boat spaces located in the three T-end canals located [in the same general area].”

Commissioner David Zaccagnino questioned that language, which Mayor Rich Bohnenberger agreed was a bit confusing and could be revised before the resolution came before a formal commission meeting. “It needs to be clarified,” the mayor said.

Again, there was no public comment on the docks, and the matter will come again before the commission May 27.

During public comment in the meeting, attorney Caleb Grimes received the blessing of the commission to submit only one plat plan for a split lot at 502 Key Royale Drive rather than the required two.

“The real issue is if you want us to bother you twice,” Grimes said.

The matter involves a large lot that presently has one house on a portion of the property. The owners want to apparently tear down the existing home and build two, which meet city codes.

Grimes said that there were no violations involved in the proceedings according to city building officials and it would all come before the commission at a work session and then the required public hearings.

Commissioners agreed.