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Date of Issue: June 15, 2006

Beach renourishment confusion

A number of Island beachfront residents are confused about when the beach in front of their property will be renourished, a confusion not helped by the abrupt departure last month of Goodloe Marine from the uncompleted emergency beach renourishment project overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The project was only completed along the beach from 81st Street in Holmes Beach south to 18th Street in Bradenton Beach, leaving about .8 mile in Bradenton Beach and .6 of a mile in Anna Maria untouched.

But Manatee County Ecosystems Manager Charlie Hunsicker has plans for a renourishment project on the Island starting this fall and he’s also begun work on the next full-scale beach renourishment project slated to begin around 2011-12 (The Islander, May 3).

The problem is that the planned fall renourishment project may not include those beach sections that didn’t get any sand from the Goodloe project because funding by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for that portion of the project has been exhausted.  Those beaches may have to wait until 2011-12 for renourishment.

Fall 2006 renourishment

If approved by the county commission, the fall 2006 program would be funded primarily by the $1 million to $1.5 million that FEMA still has available for the City of Anna Maria renourishment startup. Hunsicker is proposing that the county use available state and local funds to renourish Coquina Beach at the same time, since the federal government is paying the startup costs, which make up the majority of the renourishment expense.

The fall 2006 project would include:

  • Renourishment of the .6 mile portion of Anna Maria’s beach not done by Goodloe. That area is the same area that was renourished in the 2002 project, but does NOT include beach areas along North Shore Drive, Bean Point or along Anna Maria’s bayfront.
  • Coquina Beach south to the Longboat Pass Bridge. This area was not included in Goodloe’s renourishment contract.
  • Beer Can Island in conjunction with the Town of Longboat Key.

If funding is available, the commission could also include those areas not completed by the Goodloe effort, Hunsicker said, but they are not included in the beach renourishment feasibility study that will be presented to the commission within the next few months.

Renourishment 2011-12

  • Renourishment of all areas included in the 2002 renourishment project, provided that property owners and city governments again grant the county acceptable easements.
  • Renourishment of those areas of Anna Maria that were not included in the 2002 project, provided that enough easements are granted to Manatee County by the respective property owners. Those areas could include the beachfront along North Shore Drive on the Gulf of Mexico side of the city, along Bean Point, and along North Shore Drive to the Rod & Reel Pier on the bayside of Anna Maria.