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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

Mayor to commissioners: Don't interfere in remodeling project

Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn sent a memo June 17 to all city commissioners asking that they "refrain" from contacting any of the current or potential contractors involved in the city hall remodeling project.

The action was prompted by an e-mail she got that same day from Southern Cross Construction stating the company had heard from Bringman Roofing Co. that a commissioner had called that company asking about the price of roofing shingles. Southern Cross wanted to know if they now should meet with the architects to prepare a "scope and materials" for the roof work.

Southern Cross is the contractor for the city hall remodeling project.

The city commission has not approved any funds for a new roof in the remodeling project, but has indicated funding would be in the 2004-05 budget.

SueLynn said in her memo that according to the city charter, all requests by commissioners to contact any of the contractors should go through the mayor.

"This kind of involvement by a commissioner complicates an already complex solution and creates unnecessary confusion on the part of all parties," the mayor noted.

She claimed she did not know which commissioner had called Bringman Roofing, that she had only seen the e-mail from Southern Cross asking her if a pre-construction meeting on the roof was needed at this time. Her e-mail was sent to all commissioners.

"I have not talked to Southern Cross after receiving their e-mail," the mayor said, but indicated she would do so as soon as city hall opened for business Monday, June 21, in its temporary location at the Island Baptist Church.

The mayor did send an e-mail response to Southern Cross stating that at this time there is no need for a pre-construction conference on the roof.