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Date of Issue: June 03, 2009

Another Island store robbed

Two people walked out of the Holmes Beach Walgreens, 3248 E. Bay Drive, without paying for an estimated $480 in body wash products May 27.

According to Holmes Beach Police reports, the store manager called officers after noticing a man and woman loading an unusual amount of merchandise into the trunk of their car and driving off.

She spotted an empty shelf that had contained the merchandise and asked the clerk about the transaction.

According to the report, the woman, described as dark-skinned, African-American, 5 feet 4 inches in height, about 110 pounds and wearing a purple-and-white print dress, distracted the clerk while her male companion wheeled a full shopping cart out the door and to the car.

He was described as dark-skinned, African-American, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, wearing a dark green shirt and black shorts. Both appeared to be in their mid-20s.

The store robbery is the latest in a string of thefts in stores on Anna Maria Island in the past few months.

In most cases, store clerks have been distracted by one customer while another riffles through unattended purses or cash drawers.

Several restaurants have also had break-ins in which the thieves took cash and safes while the businesses were closed, but the Manatee County Sheriff’s office arrested suspects in those cases last week.