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Date of Issue: July 12, 2007

Garbage fee hike of 30 percent OK'd in Bradenton Beach

Sanitation fees in Bradenton Beach appear to be going up come next calendar year.

City commissioners agreed in concept to a 30 percent hike in fees to offset myriad costs involved in the program: landfill “tipping fee” increases, added fuel expenses and the addition of a full-time employee to the city payroll.

The increase in fees would also create a greater cash reserve for the eventual purchase of a new garbage truck. Truck life is generally no more than 10 years, according to public works director Tom Woodard. The city has two, one a 1999 model, another a 2004.

Exact figures for the sanitation fee increase for residents aren’t carved in stone as yet, but it is projected that the current single-family home price of $150 per year will go to $195. The condominium unit fee will climb from the current $125 per year to $162.50 per unit annually under preliminary estimates.

All figures include the pickup of white goods.

Commissioners voted unanimously for the 30 percent increase in sanitation fees beginning next calendar year, and directed staff to present a resolution detailing the price structure to them later this year.

In related matters, purchase of a “recycled” recycling truck has been approved in Bradenton Beach.

City commissioners last week agreed to purchase a “recycled” recycling truck. The $47,620 vehicle, a 1998 CCC with a special recycling bed, has 31,000 miles on it and comes standard with special “cart tippers,” which should allow easier pickup for larger recycling containers.

Commissioners appeared pleased with the tipper function, mentioning that the feature could allow the city to begin a recycling program at condominiums, something currently lacking in the city’s programs.

Public works director Tom Woodard added that he suggested an additional feature of a rear-vision camera on the truck for enhanced safety, which commissioners also approved.

Delivery is scheduled for within 90 days.

The current truck is in dire need of replacement, all agreed.

The city’s curbside recycling program collects newspapers, cans, bottles and cardboard from homes.

The city began recycling in 2004.