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Date of Issue: July 26, 2007

Center offers unique recognition of donors

Seems everything these days has a corporate sponsor.

If you’ve ever listened to a Florida Gators or Tampa Bay Bucaneers football game on radio, you’ve heard something like, "This touchdown pass/interception/fumble has been brought to you by the Acme Dump Truck company," or some similar expression of sponsorship.

Baseball, too, is into the corporate sponsorship act. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays routinely announce during their radio broadcasts that "this relief pitcher" has been sponsored by Rolaids or some other form of "relief."

Not to be outdone, but certainly not involved with any fumbles, interceptions or upset stomachs, the Anna Maria Island Community Center is naming rooms, programs and equipment at its new facility for major donors and sponsors.

Among the sponsorship names are:

  • The Charles and JoAnn Lester South Entrance honoring community leaders.
  • The emergency generators and security system by Manatee County Government.
  • The Dick and Sally York Computer Learning Center with wiring by BrightHouse Network.
  • The Dick and Mardene Eichorn Administration Wing.
  • The Nub and Jan Turner Performing Arts Stage.
  • The Betty Nelson Taylor Learning Center No. 1.
  • The Selby Foundation Learning Center No. 2.     
  • • The Mary Margaret and Joe Dickinson Family Counseling Resource Center with furnishings by the Junior League.
  • The John Horne and Anna Maria Oyster Bar Centre Café.
  • The Paul and Pierrette Kelly Executive Director’s Office.
  • The Tom and Kathy Breiter Retail Center.
  • The Publix Supermarket Central Greeting and Information Center.

Aida Matic of the Center emphasized there are still a number of donor/sponsorship naming opportunities available, including the front entrance, the athletic fields and the gymnasium. Additionally, a number of donors have not yet picked a location for their name and some donors have elected to remain anonymous.

The Center will also have a donor wall that will recognize everyone who gave more than $2,500 to the capital campaign.

Anyone interested in sponsorship can contact Matic at 941-778-1908.


Center aims for Aug. 20 opening

The Anna Maria Island Community Center is still aiming to open its new facility Aug. 20, the date Manatee County Public Schools start up for the 2007-08 school year.

But the Center does not yet have a temporary certificate of occupancy that would allow it to begin moving in supplies, furnishings and equipment. Executive director Pierrette Kelly had indicated previously she hoped to begin moving by July 7, but that effort was derailed by some drainage issues with the city of Anna Maria.

Those issues have all been settled, said Mayor Fran Barford, adding she expects the Center’s contractor to apply for a temporary certificate this week. The city will move as fast as possible to issue the certificate, Barford pledged.

"The city is a big supporter of this project," she said, noting the city will do some road improvements on Magnolia Avenue by the Center following the expected Aug. 20 reopening.

The Center will need a final certificate of occupancy before it can occupy its new $4.8 million facility and begin programs.

Kelly said the next four weeks are going to be very busy at the Center, but the goal is still to open on Aug. 20.