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Date of Issue: July 05, 2007

Holmes Beach bicyclist cited for DUI

Holmes Beach police cited a bicyclist for driving under the influence and causing a traffic accident on Gulf Drive June 28.

The accident, involving a bicycle and a Jeep, occurred at about 6:30 p.m. in the 5200 block of Gulf Drive, according to an incident report from the Holmes Beach Police Department.

The report stated that Michelle Kelly, 39, of Holmes Beach, was riding her bicycle on Gulf Drive when she was hit by a Jeep driven by Laura Lutz, 52, of Bradenton.

The police report said Kelly was traveling northbound in the southbound lane of Gulf Drive when the vehicle pulled onto Gulf Drive from a stop sign at 52nd Street to turn right.

One witness, a motorist traveling south on Gulf Drive, saw the Jeep strike Kelly.

Another witness told police she saw Kelly “weaving her bicycle in and out of the bike lane going in the wrong direction,” the report stated. The witness also said Kelly appeared to be intoxicated just before the accident.

Kelly, described as “incapacitated” in the report, was taken to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton. There, a Holmes Beach police officer interviewed her.

The officer’s report states that Kelly said she had consumed “three Malibu pineapple drinks and they were too strong for her and she was feeling their effect.”

Kelly also, according to the report, said she had taken a number of medications that day - lithium, Paxil, Oxycontin, Xanax and methadone.

Blood drawn from Kelly at the hospital had not been tested as of The Islander press time.