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Date of Issue: July 08, 2009

Privateers award $29,000 in scholarships

College-bound mateys left the Anna Maria Island Privateers July 4 post-parade party at Cafe on the Beach with some treasure.

The non-profit group presented $29,000 in scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary educations and professional degrees.

The total set a new record, topping last year’s 27,000 in scholarships.

This year’s winners include:

• Jamie Cross, who received the Bridget Miller $1,000 scholarship.

• Elise Mundy, who received the Shipreck $2,500 scholarship.

• Austin Eason, who received the Whitey Horton $3,000 scholarship.

• Dion Shorey, who received the Sandpiper $1,000 scholarship.

Privateer $2,000 scholarships went to Eric Whitley, Chris Chawi and Ashley Bishop.

Ashley Peterson and Claire Ingram received $1,500 scholarships.

Nicholas Gotts and Ashley Stinton received $1,250 scholarships.

And Dominix Cox, Kayla Kerns, Drexler James, Jessica Schultzl, Samantha Glodde, Sarah Beth Scott, Kyle Messina, Sarah Norris, Chelsea Sloan and Chelsea Hodges received $1,000 scholarships.

AMIP also introduced its new officers, who will begin their terms in August. Officers include Randy “Turkey” Schwartz, president; Kathy “Long Locks” Griffenkranz, vice president; Verna “Woodie” Belliveau, treasurer; Wayne “Wolverine” Collins, secretary; and Ron “Jewels” Luckerman, captain.