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Date of Issue: September 13, 2007

Bradenton Beach police arrest man for burglary, arson

Bradenton Beach Police arrested Robert Molter, 27, of Myakka City, after Molter allegedly stole numerous items from a Ford pickup truck that had been parked at 100 Bridge Street on Sept. 2 and then set the pickup on fire.

The arrest report of Molter said the vehicle was parked in the north parking lot at that location.

Molter removed several large speakers, two amplifiers, a Gucci wallet with $100, three pairs of Nike tennis shoes, sunglasses and two school books, according to the report.

The report by Bradenton Beach Police Detective Sgt. Lenard Diaz said it must have taken some time to remove all the items.

The items were taken to Molter's Volkswagen Jetta, according to the report.

After the items were removed, the pickup was set on fire. The fire burned the front passenger seat, the carpet and the roof liner. The fire extinguished itself, due to lack of oxygen, Diaz wrote.

Molter's vehicle was parked illegally in front of Oma's Pizza, but he couldn't move it himself because he had a suspended license, according to one officer. So, BBPD had it towed, and Molter didn't have money to pay for the tow truck to take it to his residence.

Later, Diaz connected Molter to the scene of the crime. The victim positively identified the items in Molter's vehicle as belonging to him.

Molter was charged with burglary and arson.