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Date of Issue: September 17, 2008

Holmes Beach gives preliminary OK to budget

Holmes Beach city commissioners took care of a $7.9 million matter Sept 8.

Commissioners held a public hearing on the proposed 2008-09 city budget and millage rate at city hall, but found they had no citizens present to comment.

Swiftly, after brief words from city treasurer Rick Ashley, the commission approved the first reading of an ordinance establishing a millage rate for 2008.

The rate is 1.5989 mills, said Ashley, adding that the rate represents a 12.7 percent decrease from the rollback rate.

A mill is $1 for every $1,000 of assessed value of property less any exemptions. The rate can be lowered through the adoption of the budget at public hearings on the spending plan, but it cannot be raised by elected officials.

For a house valued at $525,000 in Holmes Beach, minus $25,000 homestead, the property tax bill from the city for the next year would be $799.45.

The commission next approved the first reading of an ordinance establishing the budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

Ashley said Holmes Beach’s proposed 2008-09 budget of $7.96 million is $502,294 less than the 2007-08 budget, yet the city staff still will see a 3 percent cost-of-living increase in salaries and no one will be laid off.

The treasurer said that in the new budget, stormwater improvements will be funded only from the improvements fund and will not include money from the general fund.

Additionally, the 2007-08 budget contained funding for improvements to Marina Drive and a higher funding level for reserves.

The proposed budget for the mayor/city commission is $161,745 and includes $45,345 in personnel costs, $100,000 for reserve contingencies, $5,400 for training and memberships, $9,000 for travel and $2,000 for operating supplies.

The general government expenditures total $658,284 and includes $332,784 for personnel, $178,000 for professional services, such as legal expenses, $40,000 for insurance, $21,500 for accounting and auditing, $16,000 for utilities and $17,000 for operating supplies.

The police department budget totals $2,018,926 and includes $1.6 million for personnel costs, $124,000 for liability, auto and workers compensation insurance, $85,000 for operating supplies, $32,000 for repairs and maintenance and $18,000 for utilities.

The public works budget totals $2,057,835 and includes $803,810 for personnel costs, $532,000 for professional services, $125,000 for utility services, $87,000 for insurance, $90,000 for repairs and maintenance, and $85,000 for operating supplies.

The code enforcement budget of $142,296 contains $124,596 for personnel costs and $16,600 for operating expenses.

The proposed budget for stormwater utility projects is $250,000, including $210,000 in capital outlay.

The proposed budget also includes the Hagen Fund, $13,137 in donations for eventual lighting of the Birdie Tebbetts Field and the carryover and reserve account would contain $2.66 million.

The mayor, before the unanimous vote on the budget, praised city staff for its “professional management.”

Commissioner David Zaccagnino added, “I think we run a tight ship here.”

The final budget hearing will be at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 23 at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive.


Proposed Holmes Beach 2008-09 fiscal year budget


  • Federal sources: 0 (0 in 2007-08).
  • State sources: $958,835 ($1,038,514).
  • Local sources: $3,366,688 ($3,722,177).
  • Carryovers/reserves: $3,642,200 ($3,709,326).
  • Total revenue budget: $7,967,723 ($8,470,017).


  • Mayor/commission: $161,745 ($197,472 in 2007-08).
  • General government: $658,284 ($635,543).
  • Code enforcement: $142,296 ($134,420).
  • Police: $2,018,926 ($1,965,469).
  • Public works: $2,057,835 ($2,583,476).
  • Hagen Trust Fund: $13,137 ($33,137).
  • Stormwater utility: $250,000 ($335,000).
  • Carryovers/reserves: $2,665,500 ($2,585,500).
  • Total expenditure budget: $7,967,723 ($8,470,017).

Millage rate

  • The proposed property tax for Holmes Beach is 1.5989 mills per $1,000.