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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

Bradenton Beach juvenile arrested for armed burglary

A 16-year-old male juvenile was arrested for armed burglary with more charges possibly pending.

According to Bradenton Beach Detective Sgt. Lennard Diaz, the juvenile's mother entered her son's room to gather laundry and found a .38-caliber revolver and bullets wrapped up in a shirt.

She then called police and permitted them to search her son's room.

During the search, several items were found, including a small television, whisky flask and electric razor that officers suspected were stolen.

The juvenile was picked up by police at his school and transported to the Bradenton Beach police station for questioning by Diaz. The juvenile not only confessed to stealing the gun from a car parked a block from his home, but he also admitted committing approximately 25 to 30 more automobile and residential burglaries.

The juvenile affirmed the items found in his room were stolen and also returned an MP-3 player and headphones he took from another vehicle.

Diaz said the department is investigating some other burglaries and more charges are pending.