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Date of Issue: September 03, 2008

Attorney refiles for dismissal in blown-kiss case

An attorney again is seeking the dismissal of a felony charge against a teenager arrested in connection with an alleged scuffle with a police officer on Coquina Beach.

Attorney Alex V. Hajaistron recently filed a motion for a dismissal in the case against his client, Veronica Lewis, who is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

The attorney also asked the court to allow her brother, Lance Lewis, 14, also arrested in the incident, to tape his witness testimony because he is under 16 years old.

The scuffle occurred after Lance Lewis blew a kiss toward Bradenton Beach Police Officer Timothy Matthews on April 20. Matthews has since resigned as a reserve officer from the BBPD and taken a post with the Palmetto Police Department.

Hajaistron claims that Matthews entrapped Veronica Lewis.