Web-site advertising, Web-site builder and local server - Why keep searching?

Keep up with the traffic on the Web with advertising - from front page to classifieds and, of course, real estate, all including an active link to your Web site.

All rates based on one-year contract, invoiced weekly, based on maintaining current Web and/or print account with The Islander. Accounts past due more than 60 days will be removed from the Web and lose exclusive position.


Basic Banner, first come first serve, 8 banners, get in contact for prices

Ad size examples:

  • Banner: Dimensions (pixels): 630 x 144, Maximum file size: 13k
  • Cube: Dimensions (pixels): 180 x 100, Maximum file size: 7k
  • Double cube: Dimensions (pixels): 360 x 200, Maximum file size: 13k
  • Skyscraper: Dimensions (pixels): 180 x 630, Maximum file size: 15k
  • Islander WordAds (Text): Ad Title, two lines of text 32 charaters long (including spaces) and a URL. E.G:
    Web server:
    $5 per month to host your present Web site.
    Web page development: custom pricing GUARANTEED to beat the competition!