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Healthy, ‘happy’ loggerhead returns to open water

It was a little early for her to go home, but the movement of a red tide to the north combined with a cooler weather pattern left little option.

According to Suzi Fox, executive director of Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch, the timing for the release of the 200-pound loggerhead sea turtle, referred to as Ms. Turtle, was a short window of opportunity. The turtle was released into open waters of the Gulf of Mexico Dec. 27 at the IGA Beach in Anna Maria by members of Florida Aquarium and AMITW.

“She was about 10 pounds shy of what we like to see when releasing a rehabilitated turtle,” said Fox, “but the red tide looked to move north and a cooler weather pattern was developing.”

Warm water with plenty of food available is an ideal situation for a release, noted Fox.

“Right now the Gulf is warm and food plays a big part in it,” she said. “There is plenty of food in our waters, so things around Anna Maria looked very good for a happy release.”

The turtle was rescued offshore of Sanibel Island. Fox said it is unusual to release a turtle in a different location from where it was rescued, but factors such as those seen for this turtle did justify a release from a new location.

“Normally they are released back where they are found, except when you see problems like we’ve seen,” said Fox. “With the red tide problems off Sanibel, the Florida Aquarium people use our beach as one of their favorite beach spots, so they gave me a call to see about releasing her here. The conditions were right and they thought it would be the best spot.”

The turtle, which was rescued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers, has rehabbed at Florida Aquarium since being found Aug. 16. Fox said at the time she was rescued, she was severely emaciated and loaded with barnacles. She was also missing a right front flipper.

“People will ask why we released her with a missing flipper, but the truth is that almost a third of the turtles we see are missing a flipper. They do very well without them.”

The exact age of the turtle was not known, but she was considered to be a full adult. Fox said that means she was more than 35 years old.

“She also had something going on at the very top of her shell where her scoots were peeling back, but that too is not uncommon, and it doesn’t slow them down,” she said.

Fox said it was a “perfect release,” and the turtle appeared very happy to be back in open water.

“She’ll probably stay within 20 miles of us for a few days,” said Fox. “Being released in a different location isn’t going to be stressful for her. Turtles are solitary, so it’s not like she’s going to be looking for family. She could stay around longer. It’s not uncommon for some turtles to never venture too far from where they hatched. At any given time, there could be up to 50 turtles right offshore.”

For more information on the release or to learn more about AMITW, visit islandturtlewatch.com.

Flashback 2011: The year in review Part 2

The last half of 2011 featured tragedy and triumph for local residents and wildlife. From new public servants to the passing of community heroes, it was a year to remember.


        Parasail death: The June 27 death of David Sieradzki, 31, remained a mystery to investigators. The visiting Sieradzki, from Fountain Inn, S.C., was undertaking what appeared to be a typical parasailing trip all the way to the point of waving to those on the boat when he entered the water.

        Sieradzki went unresponsive shortly after the ride and emergency rescuers worked on the young man for more than 30 minutes before he was pronounced dead on the bayfront dock at Coquina Beach. It was later determined that the cause of death was drowning.

The Islander named best in state: No one probably had to tell The Islander readers that their newspaper was the best in Florida, but the rest of Florida found out on July 1 at the annual Florida Press Association awards banquet.

The Islander claimed one of three Best in Show awards, as well as an Overall Excellence award. The Islander staff also claimed four first-place honors, four second-place awards and four third-place certificates.

Severe storms threaten nests: Thunderstorms erupted over the Gulf of Mexico July 8 and drenched Anna Maria Island with rain that washed out sensitive sea turtle nests.

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring members worked diligently after the storms passed, salvaging damaged nests and relocating eight others.

Missing woman’s property found: The discovery of property belonging to Sabine Musil-Buehler renewed an investigation into the 2008 missing person’s case.

Musil-Buehler went missing in November 2008 after an argument with boyfriend William Cumber. Cumber is currently serving a 13-year prison sentence, the result of a parole violation stemming from an arson conviction where Cumber set a former girlfriend’s house on fire.

        Cumber remains a person of interest in the disappearance of Musil-Buehler, who is presumed dead. Her white Pontiac was discovered the morning after her disappearance. Her clothing and what was later determined to be her blood were discovered in the trunk of her vehicle.

Investigators combed the beach area where her property was found with personnel and cadaver dogs for three days and launched a four-day excavation campaign of the area. The investigation continued for weeks, but no further evidence was discovered.



        From do good to no good: Holly Elaine Connelly built a reputation as someone who did good deeds after leading an effort to raise money for Haiti relief following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the poor island country.

        That reputation soured, however, when investigators discovered that Connelly had been stealing what they alleged was hundreds of thousands of dollars while working as a bookkeeper for Key Royale Club.

New trolley arrives just in time: The new trolley that shuttles visitors around the island for free arrived just in time, as it was announced that tourism was up by more than 6.5 in June and up over 8 percent in July.

        A bevy of beautiful Bucs: Members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleading squad visited Anna Maria Island. The women were on the shore for a swimsuit calendar shoot, but took the time to visit Village Café, on Pine Avenue, in Anna Maria, where they signed autographs and rallied support for the Buccaneers.

        Struggling sea turtle gets helping hand: Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring volunteers received a pleasant surprise while excavating a recently hatched sea turtle nest early in the nesting season.

        The work had already drawn a small crowd, which grew quickly when it was discovered that a single hatchling still remained in the nest. The tiny turtle had not been able to dig past the broken shells of its brothers and sisters, but with a helping hand, was sent on its way.

Battling the heat: The steamy days of August left Islanders finding any way possible to stay cool. Air conditioners were getting a full workout and cold drinks quickly turned warm, if left out for just a few minutes.

        Through the sweat and rubber soles sticking to hot pavement, Islanders braved yet another steamy summer with a quick sense of humor. The Islander readers kept positive as thoughts of children returning to school and diminished crowds at local eateries kept spirits cheerful and upbeat.



        Campaigns kick into high gear: With the Nov. 8 local elections looming, campaigns across Anna Maria cities kicked into high gear.

In Holmes Beach, a five-way race for three seats on the city commission proved to be the most contested election of the year.

In the meantime, Anna Maria Island mourned the death of former Mayor Dorothy “Dottie” Quinn McChesney who died Sept. 1.

        Flooding nothing new: Residents of Holmes Beach endured another round of street flooding following a late August storm, which dumped heavy rain across the area. Public Works Superintendent Joe Duennes said it looked worse than it actually was and that flooding of Sixth Avenue to 37th Street had been an issue since his arrival 15 years ago.

        Improved drainage alleviated some of the problems and the city continues to look at ways to improve the situation for frustrated residents located in problem areas, including a stormwater project slated to begin in the winter.

Remembering 9/11: Officials and residents alike participated in a Sept. 11, ceremony to remember those who lost their lives in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Ceremonies were conducted across the area, including the fifth annual 9/11 Remembrance Ride on Gulf Drive, in Bradenton Beach.

        Failed homicide attempt: The Holmes Beach Police Department investigated an apparent homicide/suicide attempt Sept. 19 in the 200 block of 83rd Street. Joseph Schon, 69, shot wife Maya Schon, 66, in the back of the head and then shot himself.

        Maya was injured, but alert when police responded to the scene. She was taken to the hospital and would eventually recover from the attack. Joseph was discovered in his bedroom and was pronounced dead at the scene. A motive for the attack was never disclosed, but police said alcohol may have been a factor.

Paradise has its costs: Paying a price to live in paradise is a reality. Besides the obvious higher costs of real estate, island residents learned they were paying, on average, 7.4 percent more for the same grocery items than what can be purchased on the mainland.

        A survey of identical grocery items at the Publix on the Island compared to a Publix on Cortez Road in west Bradenton showed the increase in pricing.

The lowest difference in costs of the same items was a 1.5-percent difference in price of 8 ounces of instant coffee. The highest price was an almost 30 percent difference in the cost of a Publix loaf of bread.



        Shark attack: The family of Charles “C.J.” Wickersham, 21, was happy to have him home earlier than expected from the hospital after a bull shark attacked Wickersham in late September. The Longboat Key resident was free-diving about 6 miles offshore with a group of friends when the shark attacked.

        After multiple surgical procedures, including a surgery that used more than 800 stitches to close his wounds, doctors proclaimed Wickersham out of danger from his wounds and potential infection. He continued to recover in the comfort of friends and family at his home.

On Oct. 2, a second shark attack occurred off Bean Point when Javier Perez, 38, who was vacationing on Anna Maria Island, was attacked by an unknown species of shark while fishing from the shore. Perez’s wound occurred around his calf muscle shortly after he dumped his chum bucket into the surf. He was discharged the following day after doctors closed what they referred to as a, “small, open flap.”

Border battle: Leaders of Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach conducted an informal meeting to discuss the vacated 27th Street and associated fence dispute, as a means to avoid potential legal action.

        The dispute began in 2008 when Bradenton Beach quitclaimed the street bordering the Sandpiper Resort. Holmes Beach protested the move, but took no further action. The two cities continued to work on the issue with no clear resolution through the remainder of the year.

Don’t be crabby: Crabbers anxiously began preparations for Florida’s stone crab season, which began Oct. 5. Crabbers were allowed to sink their traps on that day, but were not allowed to harvest from those traps until Oct. 15.

        Record resort taxes: Manatee County reported record resort tax collections for the 2010-11 fiscal year, which had been set the previous year. The county recorded $6.84 million with Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key being credited with approximately 62 percent of the totals.

        Rewarding rescue: The quick actions following a September shark attack on C.J. Wickersham by his six friends undoubtedly helped to save the 21-year-old’s life.

Local mayors joined The Islander in recognizing the actions of Oceanna Beard, Connor Bystrom, Kiera Dunn, Max Gazzo, Katie Mattas and Lee White in the Holmes Beach City Hall chambers Oct. 12.

        The group of friends all acted quickly to get Wickersham into the boat following the attack, tending to the wound and ensuring emergency medical services were waiting on shore when they arrived with the wounded Wickersham.

Family and friends who attended the ceremony referred to the group of six as, “Heroes.” Elected officials agreed and acknowledged had it not been for their decisive actions on the day of the attack, the story could have been tragic.

Non-compliant rentals: Holmes Beach Mayor Rich Bohnenberger responded to multiple complaints that homeowners were violating city ordinances pertaining to unauthorized short-term rentals, which also was leading to trash being left out on non-pickup days.

        After inspecting 14 residences that were under complaint, the city found 10 to not be in compliance. Certified letters were issued to the property owners to bring their properties into compliance with city codes or face suspension of the city rental license or the code enforcement board.

Bohnenberger vowed to continue inspecting homes to ensure that property owners maintain compliance standards.

Honoring your honor: Former Bradenton Beach Mayor John Chappie was honored by Bradenton Beach commissioners with naming of a Gulf front parcel of beachfront property for Chappie. The property is now known as the John R. Chappie Gulfside Park.

        Chappie’s long service to Bradenton Beach, both as a public servant and private citizen was touted as the reason for the honor, which became official Oct. 20. Dozens of friends and colleagues attended the emotional meeting to celebrate Chappie’s honor.

Summer dollars flow: Local merchants announce a solid summer of sales throughout the area. Merchants described their summer totals as better than the previous summer season and, “better than expected.”

        The Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau reported the two highest categories of summer tourism were beach going and dining out, two areas of tourism the Island has to offer in abundance. In turn, visitors to the Island did plenty of local shopping.



        Veteran speaker passes: World War II and Korean War veteran Ralph Bassett, of Perico Island, died Oct. 28 at his home and among friends and family who were at his side. Bassett was an annual speaker at The Islander’s Veterans Day Salute.

        Pesky flier: Outspoken Holmes Beach Commissioner Al Robinson ruffled some local feathers with a campaign flier while seeking re-election. Robinson criticized his fellow commissioners and renewed his criticism of the Holmes Beach Police Department’s budget.

        Robinson’s tactics drew quick reaction, as the police department and other candidates vying for a commission seat defended the department’s budget. Robinson was later defeated in the election.

$20,000 air duct: Everyone knows that work on a home can get expensive, but it is rare when the home itself attempts to pay for the work. That was the case when Air & Energy plumber Jerry Laliberte discovered $20,000 inside a ceiling vent of an unnamed residential property.

        Laliberte contacted Holmes Beach police. His honest actions drew high praise from officials, media and the public.

Election cycle winds down: The 2011 election cycle concluded with some incumbents retaining their seats and some new faces joining the public service ranks. Voter turnout was described as being light, but steady for an off-year election that didn’t include national elections.

        Boardwalk opens: A five-year effort to have an 800-foot boardwalk built on the shore at the Anna Maria City Pier came to fruition Nov. 7 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Commissioner Jo Ann Mattick led the project by securing an $859,000 grant as part of a beautification project.

        Veterans honored: The Islander’s sixth annual Veterans Day Salute was well attended by more than 100 veterans and family members.

The day turned into a double tribute as speakers honored veteran Ralph Bassett who died in late October and had been the ceremony’s longtime speaker.

        Let’s get blasted: Sandblasted that is.

        Keep Manatee Beautiful hosted the annual sandblast competition sand-sculpting contest at Manatee Public Beach. This annual contest draws elite competitors each year and coincides with America Recycles Day.

The location was moved this year to Manatee Public Beach, Holmes Beach, from Bradenton Beach. Organizers stated that this year’s location proved to be so popular that plans were already moving forward for the 2012 event to remain at Manatee Public Beach.

Another record setter: The magic 8-ball would have read, “Situation looks good” if predicting tourism dollars in the area. Manatee County reported record resort tax revenues of more than $7 million — a $400,000 increase over the previous fiscal year.

All bark, no bite – yet: An informal inquiry performed by The Islander to propose a local dog-friendly beach was split into thirds. One-third of those surveyed said they would support the concept, while another third said they would not.

The final 33-percent swing vote was undecided if the matter were to be officially proposed, saying they would be willing to listen to both sides of the argument before making a decision.



        Crosswalk fatality: Antoinette Pruss, 65, of Sarasota, lost her life Dec. 8 while in a crosswalk in the 900 block of Gulf Drive North. A 1998 GMC Yukon, driven by Kathleen Benison of Cortez, struck and killed Pruss.

        Benison cooperated with investigators and told police that Pruss stepped into the crosswalk just as she and a passenger arrived to the crosswalk. Benison admitted that they were looking at the water, not the road, when they collided with Pruss.

Benison admitted she was distracted, but did not know why Pruss entered the crosswalk when she was already too close to the crosswalk to stop in time.

No charges have been filed in the case, but the investigation continues.

Privateers kidnap Holmes Beach mayor: The popular and charitable Anna Maria Island Privateers were at it again, as they raided Holmes Beach City Hall. The Privateers announced, in no uncertain terms, that it was they who were the real power in town and predicted the mayor’s kidnapping on Dec. 30.

        The Privateers collect ransoms and turn them into scholarships for local students, as well as supporting many community programs. This year alone, the Privateers handed out $29,000 in scholarships to local students.

Everything but baseball: It was the home of Junior League baseball teams for a few years, but today, Birdie Tebbett’s Field is used for just about everything but baseball.

        A nearby parking lot is being used as a staging area for a stormwater project, and brought to light a new debate about maintaining the field. When baseball activities came to an end a few years ago, the field was used as a much-needed, but unofficial, dog park.

A discussion is now on whether to convert the baseball field into a softball diamond to begin an adult co-ed softball league. A previous attempt by the

Anna Maria Community Center to start up a softball league collapsed under insurance concerns.

The fate of the baseball diamond remains unanswered, but in the meantime, is still costing funds to maintain.

Tourism is double-edged sword: Tourism dollars are the lifeblood that supports many Islanders, but more visitors mean more stress on local infrastructure.

        That was the point made by Holmes Beach Commission Chair David Zaccagnino to the Manatee County Tourist Development Council. Zaccagnino said the TDC was doing a good job of getting visitors to the island and, in turn, was putting more pressure on infrastructure. Zaccagnino wanted to know how the TDC could help.

Zaccagnino said he was speaking as a concerned citizen and not as an official representative of Holmes Beach, but wanted more information on how much TDC dollars could be diverted more to infrastructure improvements rather than just marketing.

Privateers take HB mayor for ransom.

Anna Maria Island Privateers capture Holmes Beach Mayor Rich Bohnenberger at city hall Dec. 30, despite the mayor’s best efforts to hide in a closet near the staff break room. Bohnenberger was chained to the mast of the Skullywag and lashed by the Privateers, who then demanded a ransom to release him, including a key to the city and rights to plunder the city. Islander Photo: Bonner Joy

Sports – 01-04-2012

2011 sports roundup


Another year of Island sports got the buzzer, which means  another top-10 sports stories for Islander readers. There’s no scientific formula used to decide which sports stories make the list, but a lot of thought does go into selecting who or what makes the list.

There have been a lot of great games and great stories sent to The Islander, including all of the regular reports from folks like Ed Havlik and Sally York, who send weekly golf updates from the links at the Key Royale Club.

One of the best this year was Rose Slomba’s return to the club after a six-month visit to see family and friends in Minnesota and New Jersey. All Slomba — mind you, she’s a youthful 91-year-old — managed to do Nov. 15 after her long absence was chip in on holes three, six and nine on the way to an 8-over-par 40.

The weekly horseshoe reports sent in by Sam Samuels and Ron Pepka also provide interest.

Another great story that didn’t make it in the top-10 was the golf tournament held by the Fish Hole fun golf attraction on Bridge Street in April. Tim Shaughnessy rather handily defeated pre-tournament favorite Danny Canniff.

Locals Toni Teasdale and Barbara Smith made the paper a few times for their winning ways in pickleball, while the Jimmie McSwain tennis tourney in March and Aces for Education tennis tournament in January also were great events.

However, two stories in the year about the successes of former Holmes Beach resident Chris Perez, who by any account, has had a great 2011, top this list. In January it was announced he had signed a $2.25 million contract to continue his role as the closer for the Cleveland Indians. As if that weren’t good enough, Perez was named by his Major League Baseball peers to the American League All-Star team in July.

Perez, along with wife Melanie, son Maxwell, and Chris’ mom, Julie, and dad, Tim, got to enjoy all of the sights and sounds of All-Star weekend in Phoenix, Ariz.

Perez gave his father Tim an extra-special Father’s Day gift as a thank you for all of the time he put in during his formative baseball years. He handed over his All-Star ring to Dad. And for that, Chris Perez is the Islander’s top sports story of the year.


No. 2. Hooke shatters running records

Former Islander and longtime Galati Marine employee Mickey Hooke made several appearances in The Islander sports section. It seemed each report had him setting another age division running record.

Most recently he appeared in the Dec. 7 issue for his third-place overall finish in the 10K Beach Running World Championships in Cocoa Beach. Hooke’s time of 37:51 established new Masters and Grand Masters records.

He also set Masters and Grand Masters records in Spring Lake in May and won the Bridge of Lions 5K run in St. Augustine in July, again setting new Masters and Grand Masters records.

Hooke’s 2011 running year brought his total records to 130, including 34 course records, 86 Masters records and 10 Grand Masters records.


No. 3. Islander top U.S. finisher in world triathlon

Nine-year Holmes Beach resident Sandy Meneley graced the pages of The Islander in October after she traveled to Beijing to compete in the International Triathlon Union event. Meneley finished in fourth place in her 60-64 age division. She competed on the course used during the 2008 Summer Olympics and was the top U.S. finisher in her age group.

Meneley, a retired sixth-grade math teacher is originally from Illinois, where she also coached high school track and cross country.

She got involved in triathlons after her move to Anna Maria Island. She became an avid runner, competing frequently in 5K races and “graduated” to marathons in 1982.


No. 4. Island grom makes waves in surfing world

Lifelong Holmes Beach resident Christian Daniels, 10, made The Islander in May for his many accomplishments on the Florida surfing scene. In his first season in the East Coast National Scholastic Surfing Association, Daniels ripped the competition and took second place overall in the southeast district.

Daniels often competed in two age divisions and finished in the top-5 in surfing contests held in St. Augustine, New Smyrna Beach, Melbourne Beach and even qualified for ESA East Coast Championships in Cape Hatteras, N.C., and the NSSA Nationals in Huntington Beach, Calif.

With a full season behind him, look for more high tournament finishes from young Daniels in 2012.


No. 5. Islander takes two gold medals

Islander Ellen Jones made the paper in March for her successful track-meet debut in the Gulf Coast Senior Games. She won gold medals in the 800- and 1,500-meter dashes in the Senior Games competition Feb. 26 at Bayshore High School in Bradenton.

Jones’ victories sent her on to the regional competition later in the year.

With no other women to compete in the 55-59 age group, Jones was thrown into a group of men and women of various ages, but her time of 4:02 in the 800-meter race ranked her eighth nationally in her age group, while her time of 8:03 ranked her seventh nationally for women age 55-59 in the 1,500-meter dash.


No. 6. Championships close out youth basketball season

It was another great basketball season at the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Champions were crowned in four age divisions in June. LaPensee Plumbing won the Premier Division with a 56-47 victory over the Sun behind Adam Bujarski’s 30 points. Walter & Associates won the Division I championship with a 41-36 victory over A Paradise Realty behind 18 points from Nehimiah Goode and 16 points from Seth Walter.

Ross Built won the Division II title, defeating Beach Bistro by a 30-24 score. Brothers Jake and Andrew Ross led the way with 12 points apiece in the victory.

But the top story of the basketball season came in Division III, where previously winless Agnelli Pool defeated Anna Maria Oyster Bar 11-10 to advance to the finals. The Cinderella story came to an end when Cortez Kat Charters rolled to an 18-0 victory behind 10 points, 12 steals and four blocked shots from Zach Fernandes.


No. 7. Agnelli, Sato earn two titles

Coed adult sports continued on a growth spirt at the Anna Maria Island Community Center. This past year, the adults had two seasons of flag football in addition to basketball and soccer, and they have an coed volleyball league starting up soon after the New Year.

Agnelli Pool & Spa and Sato Real Estate both had a good 2011. Agnelli played under the NFL Dolphins name in flag football, and though they handed the MartiniVille Saints its first loss, it wasn’t really an upset as the Dolphins put up crazy points throughout the season. They defeated the Saints 25-19 in the summer league August Super Bowl.

In November, Agnelli Pool & Spa scored an upset win over Beach to Bay Construction to take the adult coed basketball title. Aaron Duduks and Nate Coleman led the team in scoring.

In April, the Sato Real Estate Browns defeated the MartiniVille Bears 26-6. Jason Sato passed for three touchdowns, while brother Josh Sato scored twice for the Browns. Tommy Tyrell showed a nose for the end zone with a touchdown and an extra point.

The adult soccer finale in December saw Sato come from three goals down to record an exciting 4-3 victory over Ross Built. Stephen Perry, Josh Sato, Jesse Brisson and Matt Plummer scored goals for Sato,while Guy Virgilio, Chrissy Rice and Eric Howe scored for Ross Built.


No. 8. Youth soccer season winds up

It was another great season of youth soccer at the Anna Maria Island Community Center. They had more kids playing youth soccer than in any previous season and there were many great games and individual performances, all of which came to an end Nov. 19.

Gettel Toyota turned in the most impressive performance, rolling to an undefeated season thanks to a 6-0 victory over Island Pest Control in the Division III finals. Daniel Fritz led the way with four goals, showing why he was the league MVP.

LaPensee Plumbing brought home the Division II championship in an exciting 4-3 penalty-kick shootout victory over Jen Crady Massage.

Wash Family Construction captured the Division I championship thanks to a 5-2 victory over regular-season champs Autoway Ford. Neil Carper and Cortni Wash scored two goals apiece to lead the way for Wash FC.


No. 9. Youth flag football finale: Super Bowl

The Anna Maria Island Community Center’s NFL Flag Football season was again a big hit among players and fans. Teams in four age groups battled it out in a 10-game season before moving on to playoffs and the Super Bowl, played March 26. The Beach Bistro Bears rolled to a 33-16 victory over the Bassett, Vita, Vining & Herman Group Raiders. Austin Ferrer led the way, accounting for four of the five Bear touchdowns.

Ross Built brought home the 10-12 division Super Bowl by rolling past Holy Cow Colts 37-6. Andrew Ross led the way, completing 9-of-10 passes for 154 yards and four touchdowns.

Beach Bum Seahawks were the 8-9 division champions thanks to a 47-8 victory over Island Real Estate Saints. Zach Fernandes led the way with 160 passing yards, 85 rushing yards and accounted for six touchdowns. Ethan Helvey also had a big game with 105 receiving yards and four touchdowns.


10. Cool summer soccer winds up

The Center hosted its second summer of indoor soccer action in the “cool” air-conditioned gym. Island Dental Spa won the competitively balanced 6-9 division over second-place Fran Maxon Realty. Southern Greens finished in third place, while Beach Bums finished fourth.

The 10-12 division was dominated by Mr. Grout, which put together an undefeated season. They rolled past LaPensee Plumbing 16-6 in the championship game. The best of the season was the all-girls, Pink & Navy Boutique team. They finished in third place, but battled tough against male-dominated opponents in every game.

Islander Calendar – 01-04-2012

Wednesday, Jan. 4

        10 a.m. — First-of-the-season homemade settler’s bread goes on sale at the Anna Maria Island Historical Society museum, 402 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-0492.

        11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. — Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce networking lunch at Fins Bar at Martini Bistro, 5337 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1541.


Thursday, Jan. 5

        7 p.m. — Epiphany Eve worship and blessing of the chalk at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1813.


Friday, Jan. 6

        9:30 a.m. — Church Women United of Manatee annual meeting at Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-0414.


Saturday, Jan. 7

        10 a.m. to noon — Lee Mears demonstrates the basics of custom papermaking at Island Gallery West, 5368 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6648.


Monday, Jan. 9

        6:30 p.m. — Patsy Monk demonstrates zentagle art at the Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island meeting at the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6694.


Wednesday, Jan. 11

7:45 to 9 a.m. — Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce sunrise breakfast at The Feast restaurant, 5406 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1541.

11:30 a.m. — Off Stage Ladies of the Island Players meets at the BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-779-2181. Fee applies.


Islander Calendar


• Saturdays through March 18, 9:30 a.m. to noon, Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra rehearsals at Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-7853.

• Tuesdays, noon, Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island meetings at the BeachHouse Restaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-794-8044.

• Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m., duplicate bridge games at the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, 4408 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3390.

• Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m., coffee and conversations for seniors at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-1908.

• First Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m., Pier Regulars meet at the Rod & Reel Pier, 875 N. Shore Drive, Anna Maria.

• Second Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m., VFW Post No. 8199 meets at the volunteer fire station, 201 Second St. N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941-778-4400.

• Wednesdays, 6 to 8 p.m., teens meet at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Information: 941-778-1908.

• Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m., players pitch horseshoes in the pits at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: 941-708-6130.

• Thursdays, 5-7 p.m., Thirsty Thursday hosted by Bridge Street Merchants on Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach.

• Fridays, Senior Adventures Group meets for outings to various locations. Information: 941-962-8835.

• Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island meets at the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach.

• Sundays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Bridge Street Market hosted by Bridge Street Merchants, Bradenton Beach. Information: 215-906-0668.



Friday, Jan. 6

        3 to 4:30 p.m. — Fuzion Dance Artists perform at the Longboat Key Education Center, 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key. Information: 941-383-8811. Fee applies.

        6 p.m. — And the Winner Is Film Series presents “It Happened One Night” at the South Florida Museum, 201 10th Street W., Bradenton. Information: 941- 746-4131. Fee applies.

        7:30 p.m. — Opening reception for artists Rebecca Allan and  Ken Cro-Ken’s paintings with music by oboist Matt Sullivan at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, 6860 Longboat Drive S., Longboat Key. Information: 941-383-2345.


Saturday, Jan. 7

9 a.m. to noon —Meet the Reef Festival and artificial crochet coral reef exhibit at Robinson Preserve, 1704 99th St. N.W., Bradenton. Information: 941-748-4501.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. — Volunteer cleanup at Save Our Seabirds Sanctuary, 1708 Ken Thompson Pkwy., Sarasota. Information: 941-388-3010.

2 p.m. — Robinson Preserve wagon tour, 1704 99th St. N.W., Bradenton. Information: 941-748-4501 ext. 4605. Fee applies.

4 to 8 p.m. — Mermaids at the Museum family night at South Florida Museum, 201 10th St., Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131. Fee applies.


Coming Up:

        • Jan. 12, “A Circus Life” with Chuck Sidlow, Island Branch Library.

        • Jan. 13, Manatee County Fair opens.

• Jan. 13, Artist reception, Artists’ Guild Gallery.

• Jan. 13, Artist reception, Island Gallery West.

• Jan. 13, Silent morning stroll, Robinson Preserve.

• Jan. 13, And the Winner Is Film Series: “Casablanca,” South Florida Museum.

• Jan. 14, “Paradise on Parade” art reception, Studio at Gulf and Pine.

        • Jan. 14, Dolphin Dash, Anna Maria Elementary School.

• Jan. 14, AMIgami club, Island Branch Library.

• Jan. 14, Acrylic art demonstration, Island Gallery West.

• Jan. 14, Thieves’ market, Holmes Beach City Field.


Save the Date:

        • Jan. 18, Wine tasting to benefit Save Our Birds, Harry’s Continental Kitchens.

        Send calendar announcements to diana@islander.org. Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via e-mail and phone.

Island police blotter – 01-04-2012

Anna Maria

• Dec. 21, 100 block of Pelican Avenue, information. A resident reported hearing yelling behind his home from across the canal.

• Dec. 22, 200 block of Willow Avenue, theft. A fishing pole left by a dock was reported stolen.

• Dec. 22, 100 block of Crescent Drive, information. A man reported loud, belligerent noise coming from an area near his home where he believes subjects were drinking. The complainant told deputies it was a recurring problem.

• Dec. 22, 300 block of Spring Avenue, information. Two women offered to drive another woman home because she was reportedly too intoxicated to drive her own vehicle. However, when the woman provided a wrong address, the driver called a deputy to help the woman get home.

• Dec. 23, 10000 block of Gulf Drive, found property. A kayak was seen floating from a house on Kumquat Drive to 77th Street in Holmes Beach. A Holmes Beach Police Department officer retrieved the kayak, who gave it to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy to secure until the owner could be found.

• Dec. 24, Bean Point Beach area, assist boater. A boater required assistance removing the engine of his 27-foot center-console fishing boat that was taking on water and sand.

• Dec. 24, 522 Pine Ave., Bayou condominiums, theft. A bicycle secured with a lock to a bike rack was reportedly stolen. The bicycle had been rented from Beach Bums of Anna Maria.

• Dec. 25, 200 block of Tarpon Street, criminal mischief. According to the report, someone damaged a double-pane window at a residence.

• Dec. 26, 82nd Street and Marina Drive, assist Holmes Beach Police Department. A sheriff’s deputy was called upon to serve as a notary signature for a criminal summons issued by an HBPD officer during a routine traffic stop, which had resulted in the discovery of cannabis.

• Dec. 26, 8000 block of Gulf Drive, information. A pedestrian was reportedly struck by a cup of ice thrown from the window of a passing white truck.

• Dec. 27, 300 block of North Bay Boulevard, information. A resident reported hearing doors slamming and a dog barking for nearly 45 minutes in a neighboring unit.

• Dec. 27, 800 block of North Shore Drive, noise complaint. A man was advised that it is illegal to set off fireworks on Anna Maria Island. The fireworks were confiscated.

        Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.


Bradenton Beach

• Dec. 26, 100 block of Bridge Street, disorderly intoxication. Dain J. Pierce, 31, of Bradenton, was arrested following an incident in which the police officer reported seeing Pierce urinate in a parking lot. The report said Pierce swore and yelled at the officer more than 20 times, and “was completely out of control.” A bond was set at $120, and a Jan. 26 court date was scheduled.

• Correction to the Dec. 28 report in The Islander, the incident of criminal mischief to a residence in the 2200 block of Avenue A involving broken eggs and other vandalism should have been reported as occurring Dec. 21.

• Dec. 26, 1300 block of Gulf Drive, theft. Approximately 20 multi-colored beach umbrellas were reported stolen from a ceramic dispenser on the northwest side of the Tortuga Inn. The umbrellas were stored at this location for use by resort patrons, according to the police report. The general manager of the resort told police one of the resort’s guests observed two men remove the umbrellas and put them in an older white Ford pickup truck.

• Dec. 27, 2200 block of Gulf Drive, theft. A female beachgoer at Coquina Park reported she left a wallet under her shoes and then left to take a walk on the beach with a friend. According to the report, she returned in about five minutes to find the wallet gone. She reported the value of the wallet and contents at approximately $540.

Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.



        See separate story.

        Cortez is policed by the MCSO


Holmes Beach

• Dec. 22, 500 block of Key Royale Drive, three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. Kim N. Martin, 51, of Bradenton, was arrested while walking at about 9:30 a.m. on Key Royale Drive with another person after she permitted police to look into her bag. Upon viewing the contents, police found Oxycodone, Hydrodone and morphine. Police also found a bent spoon, three syringes and three needles.

• Dec. 26, 8200 block of Gulf Drive, drug possession. Caleb Brandon Rolland, 19, of Holmes Beach, was issued a notice to appear in court Jan. 26 after testing positive to a field presumptive test for marijuana. Police recovered 3.7 grams of marijuana and a glass pipe.

        Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.


        Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach Police Department, Holmes Beach Police Department and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Fishing – 01-04-2012

Cold fronts affect fish, fishers change tactics


Inshore fishing around Anna Maria Island remains good, although, due to recent cold fronts, the fish are beginning wintertime patterns.

Remember, when fishing in colder weather, the fish may seem lethargic or sluggish, and may appear reluctant to take a bait. A little added patience is good when wintertime fishing. Another option is to fish later in the day. Sometimes waiting for the sun to warm the water a couple of degrees can result in a bite.

When targeting reds and trout in cold water, you want to fish the bottom with either jigs or live shrimp. When using jigs, putting your bait in the strike zone and a slow retrieve will increase your chance of hookups. The same applies for live shrimp. Use a small split shot to get your bait towards the bottom.

Pompano are making an appearance in Sarasota Bay and on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.  Most are a by-catch while using live shrimp for bait, although targetable numbers are being reported. Pompano jigs tipped with shrimp are a great way to attempt to catch these drag-screaming golden nuggets, but nothing beats a fresh sand flea when you’re fishing on the beach. With that in mind, it’s time to pull out the sand flea rake. A morning on the beach raking for sand fleas is a good start for the day ahead.

Capt. Warren Girle is fishing Sarasota Bay targeting pompano on the deeper grass flats and around the passes. Using a 1/4-ounce pompano jig tipped with fresh-cut shrimp, Girle’s charters reeled up 4-pound whopper. And that’s a big pompano.

While pompano fishing, Girle’s clients are exposed to a variety of by-catch. Spotted seatrout, ladyfish, bluefish and mackerel are the usual suspects, although don’t be surprised to hook some pinfish and grunts as well.

Moving offshore, Girle is working near-shore structure with both live shiners and live shrimp to get the bite. Catch-and-release gag grouper action is still hot. And to round out the day, mangrove snapper up to 17 inches are being caught as well as Key West grunts and jolt head porgies.

Derek Olson at the Rod & Reel Pier is seeing a variety of species being caught by fishers using live shrimp for bait. By using a sinker to get their shrimp to the bottom, pier fishers are having good luck with black drum. Keeper-size fish up to 22-inches are being landed daily.

Sheepshead are being caught sporadically, although Olson feels that greater numbers should be appearing any day. “There’s usually a lot of sheepies around the pier by now,” says Olson. “Maybe that last cold front will bring them in.”

Flounder are still being landed regularly at the pier. Both live shrimp and live shiners are getting the bite. Make sure to keep the bait down toward the bottom where the flounder are feeding, if you want to bring home dinner.

Capt. Mark Johnston of Get Reel charters is dock fishing for redfish in North Sarasota Bay and Anna Maria Sound. By using live shrimp fished on the bottom under and around docks, Johnston’s charters are catching keeper-size redfish.

Flounder are on the menu for Johnston’s charters. Again, Johnston is using live shrimp fished on the bottom around docks and small structure in the bay. Another tactic Johnston likes to use for flounder is Berkeley Gulp shrimp on a 1/4-ounce jig head. With some instruction on how to properly fish a jig, his clients are hooking up flounder in the 16-inch range.

Jonny Keyes at Island Discount Tackle is hearing about pompano on the beaches of both Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key. In fact, Keyes ventured to the beach Christmas day to try out his new St. Croix rod and caught a keeper on his first cast. Pompano jigs, live shrimp or a combination of both are working along the beaches to get the bite.

Also on the beaches, Keyes is hearing of good numbers of whiting and ladyfish being caught. Again, pompano jigs or live shrimp are catching fish. “If you’re targeting whiting,” says Keyes, “try tipping your pompano jig with a small piece of shrimp and then drag it slowly on the bottom.”

Moving onto the grass flats, Keyes is hearing about good numbers of redfish in Anna Maria Sound. Flats fishers using a popping cork baited with either a live shiner or live shrimp are going home with dinner.

Jeff Medley at the south bait shop on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fishing Piers was reeling in a bonito while giving his fishing report.

Needless to say, bonito are dominating the bite around the Skyway piers. Fishers there are using Gotcha plugs to hook up these high-speed drag-screaming fish. Make sure you have plenty of line on your spool if you decide to tango with bonito. On light tackle, an 8-pound fish can peel off 100 yards of line in one run.

Spanish mackerel are still being caught on the pier, although most have been in the 10-12 inch range. Again, Gotcha plugs are producing a good bite, although live greenbacks on a long shank hook will get the job done, too.

Sheepshead are making a fair showing, pleasing anglers with catches up to 3 pounds. When asked what the sheepshead were biting, Medley replied, “They’re actually hitting small pieces of shrimp. Usually we use sand fleas and fiddlers,” he added.

If you’re looking to catch mangrove snapper, the Skyway may be where you want to fish. Keeper-size fish, averaging 15 inches, are being reeled up daily. Live shrimp or cut greenbacks are the ticket. Remember, try to fish lesser tides to present your bait effectively. The less weight you have to use, the better. Last but not least, Medley is seeing good numbers of both silver trout and spotted seatrout being caught around the lights at night. Live shrimp drifted in the current are getting the bite.

Happy new year, and good fishing to you.

        Send fishing reports to fish@islander.org.

Obituaries – 01-04-2012

Alvin H. “Bud” Edgren

Alvin H. “Bud” Edgren, 80, died Christmas Day at home in Holmes Beach. He was born in Oak Park, Ill., March 24, 1931, and lived in the Chicago area most of his life until moving to Florida in 1992.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Korean conflict and served in the Signal Corps in Alaska before completing 37 years of employment with International Harvester Co. — now Navistar — in Chicago.

Mr. Edgren was a member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, a longtime coordinator for Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch, a charter member of the Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and a lay reader and choir member at the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation in Holmes Beach.

A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15, at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Interment will be in the memorial garden at Church of the Annunciation. Griffith-Cline is in charge of arrangements.

Memorial contributions may be made to Tidewell Hospice, 3355 26th St. W., Bradenton FL 34205; Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach FL 34217; Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra, P.O. Box 1213, Holmes Beach FL 34218; or Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch, 2213 Avenue B, Bradenton Beach FL 34217.

Mr. Edgren is survived by wife Gretchen; sister Judy Rabe of Des Plaines, Ill.; son Karl of Canton, Conn.; daughter Cathy Raymond of Wood Dale, Ill.; grandchildren Jordan, Daniel and Bailey; and stepchildren Amy McNeese-Mechan of Edinburgh, Scotland and Terry McNeese of Chicago.


George L. “Joe” Jackson

George L. “Joe” Jackson of Holmes Beach died Dec. 25. He was born Feb. 27, 1938, in Arlington, Mass., to Harold Melvin and Averill Crossman Jackson.

He lived his childhood years in the Boston area before moving as a teenager to Middleboro, Mass., where he graduated Middleboro High School in 1955.

He started his working career as a farmer, but soon entered the trade of plumbing. He worked for various companies, and earned his masters licenses in plumbing and heating. In 1970, Joe bought the business he would manage until his retirement in 1998, Jackson Plumbing, Heating and Solar Inc., on Cape Cod in Bourne, Mass.

He believed in the importance of giving back to his community, and spent many volunteer hours volunteering for the Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce. He served as a director of the chamber and was awarded the honor of lifetime director. He was a member and past president of the Cape Cod PHCC. For almost 20 years, he served on the Otis Air Force Base advisory committee. He also was appointed assistant plumbing inspector by the town.

In 1984, Mr. Jackson was chosen to serve on the board of directors of Sandwich Cooperative Bank and served until 1998. Upon moving to Holmes Beach in 2002, he became involved with the Anna Maria Island Community Center and was named a director. He also was an alternate for the Holmes Beach Code Enforcement Board and a member of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce.

In 1986, Mr. Jackson and wife Elaine purchased property in St. Lucia where they spent part of each year. They also traveled in the U.S. and Canada via motor home for many years — as far north as Inuvik in the Northwest Territory and Alaska. They climed to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to the tops of many mountains. He loved to ski. He was a instrument-rated pilot and flew for many years for recreation. And he loved boating, first power boats and later sailing. He was member of the Manatee Sailing Association.

A celebration of life will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, at the Anna Maria Island City Pier,  followed by his last sail. Burial of ashes and a ceremony will be held in early spring at Titicut Cemetary, Middleboro, Mass. Memorial donations may be made to Bourne Community Boating, P.O. Box 3157, Bourne MA 02532; West Edge After School Program at Anna Maria Island Community Center, P.O. Box 253, Anna Maria FL 34216; or Tidewell Hospice, 5955 Rand Blvd, Sarasota FL 34238.

Mr. Jackson is survived by his wife of 34 years, Elaine; children Kenneth of Bradenton and Janet MacNally and Linda Schmidt, both of Bourne, Mass.; sisters Jeanne Willette of Plymouth, Maine, and Meredith Bruillard of Middleboro, Mass.; brother David Lawrence of Middleboro, Mass.; grandchildren Melissa Meara, Jon MacNally, Nicole Schmidt, David Schmidt, Tara Schmidt; Aimi, Sarah, Elizabeth and Whitney; and great grandchildren Haley Schmidt and Riley Meara.


Charles A. Marsicano Sr.

Charles A. Marsicano Sr., 89, a native and long-time resident of Tampa and of Holmes Beach, died Dec. 27.

He was a graduate of Jesuit High School and member of the school’s hall of fame. He earned a degree in mortuary science from Gupton-Jones, Nashville, Tenn., served as funeral director, founder and co-owner of Marsicano Funeral Home, founded in 1956.

Mr. Marsicano was a World War II veteran, serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. He was a past president of Christ the King Catholic Church Parents Club, Parish Council, and member of the Parish School Board. He also was past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Council 667, past Faithful Navigator, Knights of Columbus 4th Degree, and former district deputy of the Knights of Columbus. He was a past president and borad chair of the Interbay Sertoma Club, former board chair and honorary member of the Tampa Firefighters Sertoma, former board chair and honorary member of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Sertoma Club, member of the Sheriff’s Association, associate member of FOP Lodge #108, member of the board of the St. Joseph Hospital Development Council, and past president of the United Cerebral Palsy of Tampa.

As a founder and member of Bay Lake Lodge, Mr. Marsicano enjoyed fishing and hunting.

He was Catholic, second-generation Italian, and was proud of both his heritage and the accomplishments of his children.

A funeral Mass was celebrated Dec. 30, at Christ the King Catholic Church, 821 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 3709 West Jetton Ave., Tampa FL 33629. Funeral arrangements were by Dick Stowers/Southern Funeral Care.

Mr. Marsicano is survived by his wife of 66 years, Jean; daughters Pat and Eileen; sons John, Gary and Charles Jr.; brothers Rocco and Ralph; and many nieces, nephews and dear friends. Our family extends gratitude to long-time caregiver, Kathy.


Jacqueline Lovett Webb

Jacqueline Lovett Webb died Dec. 29, 2011. She was born Feb. 3, 1925, in Wrightsville, Ga.

She was born with Spina Bifada, although she never considered it a disability. She will be missed by her new friends and old-timers of Anna Maria Island alike.

Mrs. Webb moved from Wrightsville to Anna Maria Island in 1954. She and husband J.D. “Doc” Webb owned and operated the first drug store on Anna Maria Island. It was firs located in the Island Shopping Center where Sand Dollar boutique is now. In 1962, the couple built a new store in the 5900 block of Marina Drive — at the location of the cell tower — in Holmes Beach. They remained in business and became a Rexall store until the late 1980s, when the store sold to Eckerd.

She attended Georgia Womens Collage and then graduated from the University of Georgia. She next received her master’s degree in social work at Tulane University and went to work for DeKalb and Washington counties in Georgia.

A memorial service in celebration of her life will be held at 2 p.m. Jan. 8 at Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. A reception following in the Roser fellowship hall. Memorial donations may be made to the Anna Maria Island Historical Society, P.O. Box 4315, Anna Maria FL 34216.

Mrs. Webb is survived by her children Paulette, Joseph “J.D.”and Benjamin; and grandchildren Erica, J.D, Joey Jr., Nicole and Ben Jr.

The Islander Classifieds: Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012


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HELP FOR HAITI: The Ministry of Presence is preparing a large shipment destined in about two weeks for Port-au-Prince and needs to be filled include:  peanut butter, canned foods and meat, pasta, rice and beans, and cleaning supplies such as Pine, and bleach. Drop off to The Islander, 5404 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.

GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN Church: All are welcome to come and worship with us! Please call 941-778-1813 or visit us at: www.gloriadeilutheran.com for worship times. 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.

HAITI $$$ DONATIONS to the Ministry of Presence Inc., www.ministryofpresence.org, urgently needed for local representatives to aid homeless children. Info: The Islander, 941-778-7978.

TERRY HAYES, REALTOR. Signature Sothebys International. 941-302-3100. Terry.hayes@sothebysrealty.com. Discoverannamaria.com.

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FOREMOST FENCE: Commercial, Residential. Chain link, vinyl, aluminum, wood, access control. Contractors you can depend on. Call 941-748-2700.

SOUTHWEST HOME IMPROVEMENT: MIchigan builder, 30 years experience. Affordable, timely, within budget. Call Mike, 1-616-204-8822.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: 30 years experience. Handyman home repairs. Services, kitchen and bathroom design, 24-hour emergency call-outs. Ronnie, 941-807-6664.

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN LLC: Professional tile roof restoration. Call Peter for free estimate. 23-year Island resident, references, insured. 941-447-6747.


WEEKLY/MONTHLY/ANNUAL rentals: wide variety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, 941-779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.suncoastinc.com.

HOLMES BEACH BUSINESS Center. Rental units available for office/commercial spaces from 750-2,000 sf. Humidity-controlled mini-storage units and garage units, 11 x 22 feet. 5347 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. 941-778-2924.

HOLIDAY/VACATION RENTALS: 3BR/2BA private pool home in northwest Bradenton, 3BR/3BA private pool home in Palma Sola, west Bradenton. No annuals. Call 941-794-1515.

ANNUAL RENTAL: LONGBOAT Key, Twin Shores mobile home, 55-plus, private beach, 2BR/1BA. Call Karen, 813-377-6864.

VACATION RENTALS ONLY: Private pool homes, 3BR/2BA and 3BR/3BA. Condo, 1BR/1BA overlooking golf course. Call 941-794-1515 or www.coastalpropertiesrealty.com.

ANNUAL 2BR/2BA: Washer-dryer hookup, shared pool. First, last and security deposit. $1,100/month plus utilities. Seasonal 2BR/2BA washer and dryer, shared pool, ground floor, $2,700/month. 941-778-9576.

ANNUAL: 2BR/2BA on canal, washer and dryer hookup, space for 28-foot boat. No pets. Holmes Beach. 941-778-7039.

HOLMES BEACH HOME, quality built and priced for quick sell. Centrally located, three short blocks to sandy beaches. No reasonable offer refused. Questions, 309-642-7370. View virtual tour at www.srqvt.com/309b59thst.html.

OFFICE: RETAIL PROFESSIONAL space. 8811 Cortez Road, near Dive Adventures. 1,300 sf. Call 1-800-952-1206.

WESTBAY COVE, HOLMES Beach, Second-floor 2BR/2BA on bay and one block to Gulf! Lovely views, pools, tennis. December-January, $2,125/month. Visit aposporos.com. Aposporos & Son, 941-387-3474.

SEASONAL: MARCH-APRIL. 2BR/1BA duplex, clean, washer and dryer. 410 71st St., Holmes Beach. 941-778-0275.

EFFICIENCY: ONE BEDROOM, unfurnished, close to beach. No pets. All utilities included. $800/month. 941-779-2131.

ANNUAL:  LARGE 3BR/2BA Perico Bay Club condo, gated community, pool, tennis. Water, cable, trash included $1,350/month.  Gulf-Bay Realty, 941-778-7244.

VACATION RENTALS NOW: 100 steps to beach, 2BR/2BA heated pool and tennis, $695/week for January, $2,600/month for February, $2,600/month, March. Also 3BR/2BA house, furnished, small-pet friendly, $2,600/month, available February and March. Realtor, 941-756-1090.

ANNUAL RENTALS: 2BR/2BA, two-car garage, updated Village Green. Panoramic lake view, $1,550 includes cable and water for March. 55-plus. Also 3BR/2BA, two-car garage single-family home. $1,300/month, small pet friendly in West Glen on lake. Realtor, 941-756-1090.

RENTAL TO SHARE: Woman over 55 will share 2BR/2BA condo on beach. December-May. $875/month includes utilities. 845-853-5527.

SEASONAL FIVE-MONTH rental: November 2012-March 2013. Open house all of January. 2BR/1BA, upstairs apartment west of Gulf Drive. $1,350/month plus tax. 941-778-4499.

ANNUAL BAYFRONT 2BR/1BA apartment on the bay with 48 feet of windows facing the water. Pool, laundry and much more. $1,250/month plus security deposit. No pets. Reggie, 786-375-9633.

SEASONAL OR WEEKLY cottage-style rentals. 1BR/1BA or 55-plus 2BR/1BA with pool. Walk to beach, shopping, restaurants. 941-778-3426. Web site 2spinnakers.com.


DIRECT GULFFRONT: 146 feet on the beach. 3BR/4.5BA, office recreation room, spa, pool, outdoor kitchen and theater, elevator, turnkey furnished. $3,750,000. Suncoast Real Estate, 941-779-0202 or 941-720-0288.

NEW UPGRADED CONDOS: Minutes to beach, annual, seasonal, $140,000-plus. Special financing available. 941-773-0212. Taylor Morrison at Palma Sola Trace.

HOLMES BEACH HOME: Quality built and priced for quick sell. Centrally located, three short blocks to sandy beaches. No reasonable offer refused. Questions, 309-642-7370. View virtual tour: www.srqvt.com/309b59thst.html.

AUCTIONS! JANUARY 14 and 21. Key Royale waterfront, estimated opening bid, $275,000. Palma Sola Park four-car garage home, estimated opening bid, $150,000. Call James Adkins, Adkins Florida Group, Keller Williams Realty. 941-713-0635. Happy bidding!

LIKE NEW SPANISH-style pool home. 3BR/3BA, two-car garage. Close to beach and shopping. Zoned for weekly rentals. $385,000. Call 941-778-8660.

PERICO BAY CLUB villa with garage. Turnkey furnished, five minutes to beach. $179,900. Realtor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart.

SANDPIPER RESORT: BEAUTIFUL waterfront property, great price. 1,200 sf, 3BR/2BA, 273 sf covered deck, full view of Anna Maria Island Sound, water views from living, dining and one bedroom. Covered parking, ceramic tile both baths, kitchen and utility room. Pergo floors living, dining and bedrooms. Fully furnished, generates $14,000 in rental income yearly, includes membership certificate (co-op share) with voting rights. $239,900. 704-965-4986.