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  • David Julian: Here’s why. Do more research. Acknowledge that coyotes are relatively large, carnivorous preditor canines. They are not the same category as your examples. Why wait until someone is bitten or a pet ki...
  • Janet Aubry: Lisa Neff's coyote article was properly researched and presented. This year we have already seen the county destroy a viable osprey nest with young at the Holmes Beach tennis courts. Why? Because...
  • Ramona: How did the cyotes come to live on Anna Maria Island? This island is half a mile wide and 7 miles long. Coyotes are native to desert and prairie and not beaches. Raccoons, opossums and squirrel...
  • tim c: how is the surf fishing?...
  • Miquel: With over development occurring further into the wild causing the loss of habitat and food source, all animals are forced to seek refuge elsewhere. The Island needs to realize that and be proactive in...
  • Joe: Killing coyotes is the only way to "manage" them. Florida law considers them a nuisance animal that may be hunted day or night all year long with no bag limit. They are also an excellent vector f...
  • bonnerj: LOL. If you know the solution, I hope you share your wisdom. Years and years of research have yet to produce a solution to what Mother Nature provides. -- Bonner...
  • bonnerj: Should we also remove raccoons? Opossums? Squirrels (darn them for messing in my potted plants to bury nuts) and the pet cats that people allow outdoors to kill birds? Wildlife is .... WILD. No one ha...
  • bonnerj: We report the facts as provided by the FWC ... not the chamber of commerce news. Some weeks red tide is worse, some it's better. But the truth, "real news," is not always the "good" news. We offer mor...
  • Fred Gosney: They’re the most cunning animal and will breed into large packs I’m from Kentucky living on a large farm We have large packs And their main diet is white tail deer and small animals. Our rabbits an...
  • Joe Varner: Things are much much better and have been for a while now.- why don't you report that?? Instead you find the one dead animal around and feature that picture for your story. How do you know red tide c...
  • Cash Banister: So, there is no solution...just let the coyote population continue to proliferate unchecked until they take over completely. That is so typical of the Insanity that flourishes in Florida. The wackiest...
  • Fred Kelly: No comment about what the new mayor is going to do about Red Tide. I am a new tourist bringing my family for the first time. Will be the last if no action is taken to stop the source of Red Tide. We a...
  • bonnerj: Be kind, please. It was planned for her parents 70th wedding anniversary -- at a restaurant owned by close, family friends. And any locally owned restaurant on Anna Maria Island or in Cortez is a good...
  • Otto Glen: Hey Mayor, some reason you couldn't find a place to celebrate in Holmes Beach?...
  • Janet Aubry: Judy Titsworth's election is the best thing that ever happened to the City of Homes Beach. Many caring residents have served as Mayor in the 32 years plus I have lived here. They were certainly not ...
  • Janet Aubry: Coyotes And Home Rule - I am so encouraged at the humane, thoughtful approach being taken by local residents and officials in planning the relocation of our growing local coyote population. Our...
  • wizbang-fl: That is just stupid! It's a residential neighborhood, not a guest house or hotel. This whole Harris law thing is just creating a Lawyers Dream scenario where so many can sue and they take cases w...
  • Ann C Bodger: I just saw a Coyote walking down Magnolia Ave towards the Community Center, from the Gulf. Went in between 2 Homes and was in my Moms Backyard!!! I’ve been coming to AMI for over 30 Years and hav...
  • Debbie: I think it really depends on Usage. If it is being used as a rental unit is very different in decorating and design for than ‘hobby studio’. And, if it is a “traditional “ tiny house”, then isn’t it b...

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  1. Gary McMullen

    The CNOBB and Mayor Shearon have been trying to hijack the city government for months. The CNOBB is comprised of all the detractors and loudmouths in the city. They want to change the voting wards so that they can fill the commission with those of their ilk. Shearon says that the many phone conversations that he has had with all of these members have never been about the lawsuit or government business. He says they are just personal friends and he can’t remember anything they discussed. What an arrogant liar. His partner Martin is in on all the business as wall as she reads his emails to him. He has a special screen so he can read in commission meetings, does anyone thing that a legally blind mayor does not have that capability at home? He will not recuse himself. Why can’t anyone make him? It is clearly a conflict of interest. Please vote against all the amendments and Shearon when you go to the polls on Tuesday or beware of what you will get as a city government.

  2. Stephen evans

    Have you ever heard of Dr. Dave?
    His medicine is his music.
    When I moved here twenty some years ago Dr Save saranadeded us,
    Made us feel good, and had tremndous following?
    Dr Save can no longer play @ the Uguly Grouper because of the Holmes Beach
    Music sound ordnance of no live music after 8:o.o pm
    This is a tourist island? Visitors come out island from all over the world for fun , food, and entertainment. Holmes Beach even built a music pavilion in the
    Park next to our big expensive city Hall.
    AMI hasn’t grown? only the government, police force, and regulations?
    Please print in letters to our editor Bonner Joy

  3. tom matheson

    Sea Level is rising. NOAA expects 3 ft higher in 50 years, maybe 8 feet in 80 years, by 2100. As sea level rises, there will be more frequent floods until, in 50 years, virtually everything in this area will be always awash, gone. The arguing about development, about mangroves, about bridge heights… it will all be rendered moot.
    Humans are filled with hubris and greed. It doesn’t matter how we legislate. We all are the enemy.
    Bye bye.

  4. mcmullen52

    The commissioners in Holmes Beach have really shown their true colors with the decision to not allow Gloria Dei to sell their own property. This church invested in this island more than 60 years ago and built a stunningly beautiful structure to worship in. But these carpetbagger commissioners (with one exception)are only interested in preventing property rights. How can the commissioners allow the monstrosity being built in downtown to go on and not allow the church to sell their property in order to survive? How many unneeded and unwanted visitors will use the hotel creating more congestion in downtown? The future purchasers of the church property could be intending to become residents. Denying because of a possibility is shallow and unbecoming. This church has been a good and faithful resident for many years. If the commission is truly looking out for their citizenry they should purchase the property for a park and give the church rightful compensation. They would not do it in order to prevent the huge Marriot from invading our city. What happened to our old Florida feel? Shame on the city.

  5. mcmullen52

    All the whiners complaining about a Baskin Robbins-Duncan Donuts store going in in Holmes Beach should remember their history of the island. Many didn’t like Publix being the demise of the IGA. Same with Walgreens and Rich’s Drugs. Where were these people when these franchises were trying to open? Who doesn’t go to Publix or Walgreens or CVS or Subway or Aces Hardware. Why is everybody so scared of the free enterprise system we have in this country? I go to the old hardware store across from the marina because I like the selection and the management. I frequent the chains because I like what they offer. These mom and pop stores are no different from the chains in that they all purchase from off the island in order to serve their customers. Two Scoops doesn’t make their own ice cream, they have it delivered so that argument holds no water. If the mom and pop stores provide a superior product and service they will be supported by the customers. Crying foul is not the way to handle this issue. Provide a better mousetrap and you will succeed.

    1. bonnerj

      OPEN EYES WIDER — please. The research I did shows areas with protective ordinances exempt grocers, gas stations, pharmacies, banks and real estate offices — those categories of business where mom and pops no longer exist. Even the hardware store you mention buys from the True Value chain. BR-DD is just the final straw that broke the camel’s back. We all know the camel had its nose under the tent when stores like Domino’s, Subway, China 1 and Dollar Tree showed up. It’s the commercial landlord we have to watch out for — foregoing leases with mom-and-pops in favor of formula stores that fill up metro/mall locations. Leases with formula stores are not in the best interest of AMI for the future. If the island were to be scoured by a storm, the mom-and-pops would struggle to get financing to recoup, while the big franchise/formula stores could easily swoop in and take up the shops from Pine Avenue to Gulf-Marina, the Centre and Bridge Street. However, if landlords recognize the value in the AMI market, and the unique quality of independently owned stores and their value to the community, they would entice local owners. And the city, county and state can make it worthwhile to the landlords to maintain the unique quality that attracted YOU and everyone else to AMI with tax breaks. It’s a win-win.

  6. mcmullen52

    Let me get this straight, anyone renting a house in Anna Maria cannot rent to more than 8 people but the buildings that Chiles and his group built on Pine don’t have to abide by this ordinance? No wonder there are so many Burt Harris claims filed against the city. The ordinance is unfair and does take away real value from these homeowner’s property.

    1. bonnerj

      The PAR buildings were zoned specifically for residential-rental upstairs before they were built — and scrutinized by the commission at that time. The 8-person occupancy limit applies to everything else in the city, not including commercial. — Bonner

  7. mcmullen52

    I have been here for over 60 years Bonner Joy. And, as a matter of fact, it was a paradise where doors weren’t locked and kids could go anywhere without the danger of being run over by a tourist who has no clue where he/she is going. The point is we shouldn’t have to vary our routines because of the peak traffic hours. You always promote your “welcome mat” philosophy even though you are in the minority. Why are so many residents moving away? Why are all the cities trying to figure out a solution to the congestion and loud neighbors? The TDC has sold us out in their zeal for promoting tourism. These wouldn’t be issues if the majority of residents felt as you do. I suggest you wake up because you are just dreaming if you believe there aren’t issues with overcrowding.

    1. bonnerj

      Didn’t you vary your routine at all when you moved here? I did. I relaxed and enjoyed life more, especially the beach and the great sunsets. I probably had never seen a sunset before I arrived on Anna Maria Island. I believe we can grow, learn, adapt and appreciate all the people who come here. And we can provide for them. Seems a simple thing to me to adjust to peak traffic on the road or at Publix. As for why people move … lots of people tell me they are “cashing in.” I knew people 20 years ago who moved into Village Green to be closer to the hospital. Another couple left the north end because the wife became afraid of storms. There are myriad reasons to move, of course, and foremost is to move back north with family. I don’t find it unusual and I don’t know if the amount of people moving is extraordinary. There are many more people here now than when either of us moved here. I prefer not to let those things bother me and concentrate on the things that are just the same as the day I moved here… it’s still paradise to me. I love the beach, the piers, sunrises and sunsets and the sound of the breeze in the palm trees. — Bonner

      1. mcmullen52

        I have no doubt why you promote all the good and ignore the bad on AMI. Your paper only exists at the whim of advertisers which are the businesses on the island. Of course the businesses want the crowds because they need to make money and the Islander has to have a positive outlook to keep advertising. It is a simple symbiotic relationship that all should keep in mind while reading your “don’t worry, be happy” narratives. I love the island and all it’s attributes but I don’t hide my head in the sand to the problems.

  8. michael doerr

    Yay!! Bonner!! I don’t even mind the traffic. It means I live in paradise, and a lot of people would like to share in it. A little forethought…leave the island in the morning, back in the evening. Not a big problem. I don’t even mind the drawbridge. Its all part of the charm of the island.

  9. mcmullen52

    Bonner Joy’s rose colored glasses are firmly on her head again. The upcoming invasion of northerners will clog everything up again. I also see that the Aubry and Hagen contingent is again commenting along Bonner’s happy happy joy Joy’s way of thinking. These are the two families that withdrew their support of the park in Anna Maria because of hurt feelings because their donations with demands were not followed and now the restrooms are going in anyway. Where are your philanthropist ideals now? Put up or shut up.

    1. bonnerj

      Same goes to you. I don’t mind people coming to enjoy AMI, why do you? Do you have a hardship — or a job — that prevents you from going to the grocery store or the beach at anything other than peak traffic hours? Did you think you had moved to a rural farm road and you woke up on AMI? Get real.

  10. Gary McMullen

    Killing the goose? The goose that turned our shores golden doesn’t exist. It certainly is not increased tourism and runaway businesses. The island itself is the draw. The beauty of the island has decreased due to overbuilding. No one that has been here for many years needs boutique shopping on Pine. Bonner has put on her rose colored glasses again, but what would you expect from someone whose business and livelihood is derived directly from the business community via advertising revenue? Props for blasting Chiles and the judge but apparently the citizens who want less congestion don’t agree with you.

    1. bonnerj

      To me, the island is exactly as it was when I first arrived here in 1972. I have no concern for houses. I love the Gulf of Mexico, the sound of waves at night, passing dolphins, cawing seabirds, the clackity sound of palm fronds in a light breeze. I love birds of paradise plants, key limes and fresh seafood. I like the feel of sand between my toes. I love the smell of low tide. I don’t care how many people come to enjoy the same things. I don’t care about buildings. Most businesses are owned by great, friendly people who also enjoy the same things. It’s not rose-colored glasses that I wear … I understand quality of life and how to enjoy it. — Bonner

  11. kevin fitzgerald

    found an injured great blue heron the other day and called the folks at anna maria island animal clinic. they came out in minutes, walked threw several feet of low water and mud, and rescued the animal. it is now recovering (at their cost) at the clinic. the two women who came out were awesome in getting to the animal, then quickly capturing it with simply a towel and their hands.

  12. Ami resident

    I thought it couldn’t get any worse. And then the new AMI city mayor recommends hiring Ed Chiles attorney Ricinda Perry. I guess we know exactly which camp Dan Murphy is in.

    1. Janet Aubry

      Ricinda Perry works for a lot of clients besides Ed Chiles. I’ve watched her at work during many city commission meetings on the island over the years. I would have to think the camp Dan Murphy is in is the one that wants the City to have the best representation possible. Probably Ed Chiles hired her for the same reason.

  13. Gary McMullen

    More Bradenton Beach woes. So you elect a Planning and Zoning board to review projects to see if they conform to the Comprehensive Plan, allow DOT to plant trees and vegetation and make a nice pocket park and then (business owner) cries waah and the commissioners grovel to his wishes despite the recommendations of the P-Z board and the language of the Comprehensive Plan.

    You enrage the P-Z board members causing mass resignations. You are then sued by some of the members. You throw money at lawyers for years and still have no solution.

    Then lawyers want to join the city to help the business gain parking instead of a park. Now we find this is all over 4 parking spaces. SERIOUSLY?

    I don’t like Shearon as a mayor but he and his board members were right on on their recommendation. When will the small governments of this island and Longboat Key stand up to the business owner? A normal family cannot build a 4 bedroom house in Anna Maria but Ed Chiles seems to have no problem remodeling all of his restaurants or getting anything else changed that he wants.

    Vote out the weak rubber stamping commissioners and mayors and put in people with integrity or here comes Clearwater Beach folks.

  14. Gary McMullen

    Our new mayor of Anna Maria did the right thing. The city needs an attorney that has no long or short term ties to Anna Maria city or island. It would be a mistake to hire someone that works for any island city. You would get local knowledge but it will be overshadowed by bias and the good old buddy system.

    The moratorium is infringing on property owner’s rights and really will not accomplish much. The best practices have solved the party house issues according to your code enforcement officer and no real problems have been reported for months and months.

    Adopt the Holmes Beach parking ordinance and stop wasting money hiring,others for opinions that the residents and your constituents have already made known to you.

    Keep up the good work Mayor Dan.


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