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  • bonnerj: Seems like nosey questions ... not pertinent to the news report. Watch the video. The driver was NOT Shawn Kaleta. -- Bonner Joy...
  • Janet Aubry: I attended an informative, compelling , well documented presentation at the last Anna Maria City Commission meeting. Mr. Jones, who is with the City of Anna Maria, presented a wealth of information ...
  • Janet Aubry: Who's name is the car titled in? Who paid for it? Was there a chance for a quick driver/passenger seat exchange before the police got to the car? Did another one of his girlfriend's drive an exotic...
  • David Barstow: I noticed the the current skate park was closed for repairs for an extensive period giving wonder why bigger and better is a "priority". I suggest Holmes Beach may be behind the time on expanding the ...
  • HadleyAdamson: nanose1988_>>>21st century gave fast Internet, how to make money on it's here >>
  • JRG: Miami would be the pace for them...they would fit right in there!...
  • Isle B. Here: OMG So true!!! #timesup...
  • Tom Wilcox: For the most part, the litigation in Holmes Beach and Anna Maria has been unfortunate but unavoidable, the tree house being the most egregious example of a private party abusing the legal system and ...
  • Lonnie d Phillips: My name is Lonnie d Phillips and I am excited about new park. I am 44 yrs old and have been skating since 1985 I am a island resident and have a 6 year old son who is skating. I would love to help out...
  • Thomas Baker: What a load of crap. Sure Tito did it all....
  • Olen rhoades: You say accepted by the party's involved, well you are the party involved, your tax money is being squandered by the city's willingness to fight out of what you call judged , in your eyes you see it a...
  • Elaine: Too much money and not enough brains!...
  • David Thompson: Is it just a coincidence that there was a recent sewage spill in Sarasota Bay...
  • Bob Rogers: A lot of time, money and energy has been spent on this issue, and it needs to end. I understand that there is a principle involved and I respect individual rights, but there are more important battle...
  • Hank: The pomposity of this guy is second to none. The island is collectively giggling like school children at this one....
  • Jan Crudele: Thank you for your awesome coverage of this event! Such fun and all for a great cause, helping those children less fortunate in our local community! Kudos to all who participated in any way. We hav...
  • Robin Krieger: I realize my comments are late to the party....I was doing some research. We are still primarily a vacation most all of them are. We live here to permanently BE on vacation, or come her...
  • Janet Aubry: Glad to hear Holmes Beach Mayor and Commissioners continued and increased focus on environmental issues. Sad to see though the Aqua By The Bay developers continue to buy their way to giving us ...
  • bonnerj: Thanks for the input. We primarily base our decision on community service -- not commercial success, but Pam certainly is to be commended. --Bonner...
  • Janet Aubry: Next time you are looking for Citizen of the Year I hope you will think of Pam Bertrand, owner of School for Constructive Play. She has dedicated her life to raising our children in her 'little busin...

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  1. Gary McMullen

    Apparently the Islander has determined that the tree house is illegal contrary to the petitioner’s opinions as well as the majority of residents.
    Recent opinions have also shown Bonner Joy to be afflicted with head in the sand syndrome. Of course this is a great place to live but ignoring the issues her paper reports on is doing a disservice to the readers.

  2. Gary McMullen

    Jeen Peelen misses the point and overeacts again. How dare she forget that the residents and homeowners deserve the reasonable use and enjoyment of their property. This includes the ability to rent. Enforcement of the laws on the books has solved the rental issues. It is unfortunate that our elected officials forget that they were elected to do the will of the people not to rail at laws that are designed to keep them reigned in.

  3. John Chambers

    I continue to be amazed at the slowly unfolding saga surrounding the six lots at the end of Pine Avenue in Anna Maria purchased in October 2011 by the City of Anna Maria. It has been nearly three years since the commissioners began discussing the possible purchase of this vacant parcel and agreed to pay over $4 million for it including bank and professional fees and interest over the life of the loan, not including lost ad valorem revenue. This is a lot of money for a town with a normal annual budget in the $2.5 million range yet, after nearly three years, there is still no consensus as to the desired use of the property. Since there seemed to be no meaningful direction, we approved 15 parking spaces (at over $250,000 per space!) last June but now even that is in doubt.

    Commissioner Webb raises his objection to donations for the parcel’s improvement because he does not think the city should agree to conditions tied to a $50,000 contribution from Mr. Hagen. Where has Mr. Webb been since June? If he was not at the commission meeting when the plan was approved in June, surely he was aware of the action taken shortly after that meeting and should have taken corrective action at that time if he felt it necessary. Or was he just asleep at the switch? Instead, much time, money and effort has been expended, and apparently wasted, by many in the meantime.

    With respect to Mr. Hagen’s and PAR’s donations, they were quite generous and should be appreciated whether or not the money is accepted. If there was indeed an agreement as to how the parcel would be improved, their money should be promptly refunded if the commission does not completely follow through with their commitment as it was approved in June. What is disturbing is that three of the current commissioners (Webb, Yetter and Carter) are not willing to honor the agreement that was the result of an official vote in June. Do they think that Mrs. Carter’s addition to the commission invalidates all actions by previous commissions? Unfortunately, it seems apparent that some on the commission do not feel any financial responsibility to their constituents, as it is we who will pay for their mistakes, delays and lack of direction.

  4. John Shaughnessy

    Thank You
    I would like to thank all the voters of Bradenton Beach for getting out to vote. To my supporters and team I am deply grateful for all your efforts.
    To my wife especially for your unconditional support for putting up with all the trials and tribulations
    John Shaughnessy

  5. Gary McMullen

    It should be obvious to the residents of Anna Maria that commissoner Aubry does not live on a beach access street. Our street has a constant flow of vehicles and people driving and walking up and down the street looking for parking and or just sightseeing. It is intrusive and unsettling. The property for sale on Magnolia can’t even see the beach for the vehicles parked in the right of way. I am sure it will take much more time to sell the property because of the constant traffic and commotion. Being nice does not work with the sense of entitlement these people have. All the neighbors on my street favor no right of way parking on beach access streets. Please commissioners, do something for the residents. We elected you to look out for our interests. We will remember your actions on election day.

  6. Raymond J. Mathieu

    A few weeks ago, I was having dinner at the home of European friends who purchased a home on Anna-Maria at the end of a canal. They were quite dismayed that the end of the canal was strewn with debris, trash and even a rotting mattress. Being foreigners, they did not know which way to turn to get this resolved. I called mayor Monti’s office on their behalf and explained the problem. Within two hours, well equipped police officers were on the scene. They removed the mattress and other debris, leaving the area a lot more attractive and sanitary.
    Kudos for the mayor’s office and the police department for this immediate and positive action!

  7. Gary McMullen

    Joy, seriously? Another editorial for tolerance. The majority of the business owners may very well live on the island. What is the point? The businesses want to make money. The more business the merrier. That is not what the majority of the residents want. It is way past the time that the resident’s voices be heard and heeded. All residents wish improvement in the congestion. Our elected officials are finally starting to do something about it. It seems that you are using your position to attempt to sway opinion as well as only printing letters that support you and your rose colored glasses.

    1. bonnerj

      I don’t hand-pick letters. I’ve experienced congestion since I moved here 38 years ago. I don’t mind it. In fact, I ignore it and go about my merry way and I advocate others do the same. I welcome anyone who wants to come to AMI and share what I enjoy. NOT all residents feel as you do, and I’m proof of that fact. — Bonner Joy

  8. Gary McMullen

    Jill Morris summed up the issues very well. Property value means nothing except higher taxes if you intend to reside here permanently. Finally our commissioners in Anna Maria are beginning to realize that there are dwindling residents and increasing tourism and that it is ruining the quality of life in our city. The day trippers care nothing for our island and the short rental people care less. High rental prices create a sense of entitlement in these people, We pick up trash every time we visit the beach. Our street has a constant flow of traffic. Promote residential parking permits. Prohibit right of way parking. Make our city safe for all before our way of life is lost forever.

  9. jj

    Saw the pic of the 3 boys who caught the shark. well I was on the beach that night. the boys had halogen lights were chumming the water with raw chicken and I told them lights and chumming was against the law. Talked to S fox about the issue of lights on beach during turtle season. It is a catastrophe. Not sure why this newspaper is awarding these boys for breaking the law. mixed signals are being sent to tourists

    1. bonnerj

      It’s not against the law to use a light while fishing, it’s against the law to distract turtles with the light. Turtles in the water don’t see the light on the beach, only when they emerge from the water to nest. Using chum for bait is not against the law. Chill, or go fish.

  10. Dale Schmitdz

    At least he knows who butters his bread. When he worked out here at least he knew who give tickets to and who to arrest. Bravo for Sue Lynn she is standing up and making them tow the line. He will do the same thing when he is mayor or we will form our own department.

  11. Dale Schmitdz

    He knew who buttered his bread. He was a great cop. At least he knew who to arrest and who not to arrest. Now the mayor has shown the new police chief who wears the pants. Bravo for Sue Lynn a real mayor. When John is the new mayor he will do the same thing he’ll show em who the boss is. If not we can form our own police department with him as the chief.

  12. jj

    sad to say a cop that once patrolled Anna Maria and was asked to leave the police force due to shady dealings involving the elderly has now found another way into the old peoples lives, business and personal affairs, working in real estate with the elderly who trust him as a former cop. Its a sad day for the old people in anna maria

  13. morgan s rothe

    I am writing because some of the readers of your newspaper may not know about recent developers plans to build high rises and a 300-boat Marina with subsequent huge loss of mangrove and seagrasses…in the area of Long Bar point which is north of Bayshore Gardens and sticks into north Sarasota bay. I am a boater who has traveled by sailboat from Fort Myers to Cedar keys in the last few years and I can say with certainty that Sarasota Bay does not have a nicer boating area than this. Near Long Bar point you can paddle or motor a smaller shallow-draft boat for several miles without seeing any man-made structures or human impacts. The area is home to mangrove trees that are very old and have very high canopies where many birds are able to roost in relative safety. There are no high-rises looming over the mangroves and there are no boat docks or channel markers …just mangrove shoreline…several miles of it..and little evidence of humans.
    Along these shores folks have a wonderful retreat where you can “get away from the grid” but it may change soon due to thoughtlessness by some Manatee County Commissioners and a few local developers. There has been some good coverage in local papers thus far and there are several petitions we can all sign that are against this new development that they have well over a thousand signatures but we need more people to get involved. Local fishing guides and other local watersports and hotels/resorts who depend on such pristine locales for their guests to enjoy can lend their voice to the fight as well as average citizens who love this beautiful stretch of bay that has no equal in the entire Sarasota bay all the way to Venice.
    (P.S.) If you have a “letters to the Editor” portion of your newspaper please feel free to publish my letter therein..and thanks for doing such a great local newpaper “week-in and week-out”.

  14. dale schmitdz

    That is correct.Kudos to Sue Lynn. Finally someone who has the stones to stand up to the special interests that are ruining our city. You want to come to the city and generate services…,pay. AMPD and code enforcement should issue tickets and make arrests for speeders, noise makers and partiers. Too much noise; evictions. You are lucky that we don’t charge admission and set up a gate at the city entrance. Its our city if you don’t like it leave.

  15. Marsha Bard

    Kudos to Sue Lynn and the Anna Maria commissioners for doing what they can to limit growth at this end of the island and putting some sensible building regulations in place. If you don’t like the regulations, then take your money and move elsewhere. Residents who have been here for a long time should certainly have a louder voice than those who see the island as a cash cow.
    Folks who come out there and complain about the regulations are like people who buy a house next to the airport and complain about the noise the planes make.

  16. Susan Smith

    After several months of reading about this “tree HOUSE”, I feel the need to respond. Very simply, we have the rules on this island for the sake of this island. We all live on this island and many come here so, like us, they can value the beauty of this beautiful island. But, if there are people and developers who do not follow the proper rules and regulations of the island, then, our island will not and would not be the island we have come to love. With that said, there have already been too many violations of those rules and regulations that have been violated by those who use deceptive means by which to achieve their means. We see huge box rental houses with associated problems, etc. Now we have to deal with those same-type deceptive means with regards a “tree house”? As we say in the south, Bob was hit “upside the head” for I’m sure if and when Mr. Bob Shaffer gave a get-go for a tree house to be built, it is my opinion, in his mind he was probably thinking of those days when people throw together a few boards to make a base, hammered a few board up the tree trunk to make a ladder, and post a “No Girls Allowed” sign or something of the sort. I’m sure what was actually built, the tree HOUSE structure, was the last thing on his mind. Who, in their normal mind, and in my sane opinion, would ever conceive that Richard Hazen and Lynn Tran were actually conceiving otherwise except them? And, now that they are caught are trying every position to fight their outright violation of the rules; shame on you for setting a precedent for others to break the rules as well. And, before anyone thinks I know any of the parties, I don’t. I am merely a citizen who believes in the rules, and the rules dictate that tree HOUSE structure is not legal…period. Fellow islanders, let us not stand for any violations of our rules of our island by anyone for any reason in order that we can keep protecting this island that is our home, and is our vested interest to protect for the interest of the environment, as well as for our children and the people who visit here.
    Susan Smith

  17. jj

    another holiday ruined by disrespectful people at the “Island Time” rental on Cedar ave. Come to find this time it was the actual owners of the property. They arrived with 2 yapping little dogs which they attempted to leave outside the entire week. Im not having it. police were called. These dogs barked for 6 hrs straight before I called law enforcement. and before that I attempted to reason with the owners. Mon a vie owners, we may only be your part time neighbors but you must show us the respect you show your neighbors at your “Real House” You are supposed to be “Christians” riding around in your big bus with your cross of Jesus splattered all over your bus. Practice what you advertise and respect your neighbors.

  18. Carol Soustek

    The whitefly infestation totally covered my lumbo gumbo trees and most of my avocado tree. The black mess was overwhelming. The research I did led me to order green lacewings and ladybugs. I found these on the internet and not costly. What I read said insecticides were not effective. Perhaps if enough of these beneficial insects are released on the island, we may keep the whitefly in check. I already released 4,000 lacewings and 1,400 ladybugs this week. Will release another group in 3 weeks. My trees are budding out again and I see no whitefly at this time.

  19. A. Crone

    Go see the Tour of Homes. Note 533 69th St, and learn how colluding brokers, contractors, & home purchasers cheat honest residents by filing fraudulent documents with county & municipal officials who are willing to ignore obvious inconsistencies. Our fine Island newspapers should be investigating these frauds. Start now by visiting 533 69th St this weekend and comparing to the county appraiser’s and recorder of deeds records. Lawsuits against elected officials are long overdue. Thank you.

  20. dale.schmitdz

    As far as the noise I am quite sure that the police and code enforcement will now be DOING THEIR JOB. In the late 1990’s the police department evicted, ticketed, and arrested loud noise makers. Especially the nine & ten year olds that were screaming and yelling in the motel resort poools at 7:00 PM. Most of us out here are retired and go to bed early and wake up late. We don’t need you’re money so go somewhere else like Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. We aren’t spring breakers out here.


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