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  • bonnerj: Be kind, please. It was planned for her parents 70th wedding anniversary -- at a restaurant owned by close, family friends. And any locally owned restaurant on Anna Maria Island or in Cortez is a good...
  • Otto Glen: Hey Mayor, some reason you couldn't find a place to celebrate in Holmes Beach?...
  • Janet Aubry: Judy Titsworth's election is the best thing that ever happened to the City of Homes Beach. Many caring residents have served as Mayor in the 32 years plus I have lived here. They were certainly not ...
  • Janet Aubry: Coyotes And Home Rule - I am so encouraged at the humane, thoughtful approach being taken by local residents and officials in planning the relocation of our growing local coyote population. Our...
  • wizbang-fl: That is just stupid! It's a residential neighborhood, not a guest house or hotel. This whole Harris law thing is just creating a Lawyers Dream scenario where so many can sue and they take cases w...
  • Ann C Bodger: I just saw a Coyote walking down Magnolia Ave towards the Community Center, from the Gulf. Went in between 2 Homes and was in my Moms Backyard!!! I’ve been coming to AMI for over 30 Years and hav...
  • Debbie: I think it really depends on Usage. If it is being used as a rental unit is very different in decorating and design for than ‘hobby studio’. And, if it is a “traditional “ tiny house”, then isn’t it b...
  • Diane Raabe: What is the likelihood this will be cleared up by end of February?...
  • Someonewhogivesashit: Endangering all those lives and he is still just wining about poor me! A true Narcissist! No regard for any human life except his own! He should be in prison!!...
  • Steve Edwards: Would it be possible to be notified when the result from the study are found and where I can find them?...
  • Jennifer: Thanks for the info...
  • Sarah Smith: "Fox said Sept. 24 that she heard other cities in the state installed streetlights bright enough for pedestrians and drivers that shine at a frequency sea turtles cannot see." This is false. Sea turtl...
  • bonnerj: We have a weekly red tide report online at our website. No report means NO RED TIDE....
  • Elodia Thomas: Officials should insure that these lights are controllable I.e., that they can be dimmed down remotely later in the evening. Consider consulting with Dark Sky in Arizona for the highest standards of...
  • Mardi Lawson: Were coming back for year #5 this year but not until February. Hopefully things will be gone by then. We absolutely love this area and look forward to getting out of harsh northern winters...
  • Mancfish: Why would a tiny house not be permitted? If you want to live in a small house surely thats up to you so long as you apply for the correct permits. Why is bigger always considered better, if our const...
  • Mardi Lawson: We’re concerned about Red Tide for our upcoming winter rental. Is there a site that I can go to to keep an update...
  • Joseph MacDonough: Very informative...
  • Michael Doerr: I realize this controversy has been going on for some time, perhaps i missed the explanation in an earlier report, but I just do not understand what is at stake. What are the plaintiffs seeking? Monet...
  • Eva: While the owner does need to apply for a permit, the City would be completely wrong to try to deny it as a "tiny house." Those structures are modern sheds and are used for workshop space (like any o...

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  1. David Zaccagnino

    Sally Owen, I know that you illegally built beyond your permit and deceived the building department at 132 49th st, just like the builders you mention. I never worked in the building department and have nothing to do with permitting and your lucky bc I would have probably had you remove your illegal renovation. Sally the rules are for everyone, you are not exempt. Be careful when you start throwing stones.
    David Zaccagnino

  2. Concerned Resident

    While driving on Marina Drive I noticed a “Zaccagnino for Mayor” sign in front of a developer’s office, but didn’t pay any special attention. Then I began to notice more Zaccagnino’s signs in front of those mega-party rental houses. The one’s with 6 or more bedrooms and a parking lot in their front yard. Now, since no one actually lives in those homes(more that a week at a time) the signs must have been placed there by the developers or investor owners. It became pretty obvious who they supported.

    It hit me—-Zaccaagnino has been a City Commissioner during the entire period when developers were allowed to find loopholes around the building code rules. These mega-rentals have done significant damage to the character of our beautiful island. It’s time to retire “public servants” like him.

    Sally Owen
    Resident of Holmes Beach

    1. bonnerj

      Loophole, according to Merriam Webster — “an error in the way a law, rule, or contract is written that makes it possible for some people to legally avoid obeying it." I don't think you can make a case that Zaccagnino, or anyone other than the developers who used the loophole, knew the loophole existed until the problems it caused became apparent. -- Bonner Joy


    They say follow the Money. Well here is where the money came from in the campaign for County Commissioner 6th district. You decide what is Ethical and Moral with these Contributions. Some are quite large, but at what cost? YOUR VOTE decides the Cost.

    Whitmore loses all the way around.

    282 Total Contributors: With 112 out of the 282 or 39% of the Contributors raising 81% of the Campaign Funding. 39% Contribute $64000.00 Thousand Dollars. This might be a good race if the Campaign had not been bought. Without the Rather large contributions Whitmore ends up being the Loser as Wonder Generates more funding from Grass Roots people, Non-Power Brokers.
    16 contributing $1000.00 or more , source of funding: Agriculture, Developers, Carpetbaggers, Attorney, Real Estate-Broker/Developer, Healthcare Services, Financial Services. TOTAL OF $16000.00

    96 Contributing $500.00 or more, Source of Funding: Agriculture, Developer?s, Carpetbagger?s, Attorney?s , Real Estate-Broker/Developer, Healthcare Services. TOTAL OF $48000.00

    123 contributing $250.00 or more Source of Funding ?Same as Above?

    137 contributing $100.00 or less
    Total contributions $79256.74

    Candidate Wonder:
    183 contributors:
    1 contributing $1000.00 or more
    7 contributing $500.00 or more
    19 contributing $250.00 or more
    152 contributing $100.00 or less
    Total contributions $19,497.23

  4. skip speer

    Whitmore accepts campaign funds from someone under criminal investigation for tax fraud, shame on you. Yes that is correct at least 2500.00 dollars of possibly tainted funds from someone being investigated for tax fraud and a carpetbagger on top of that. Would the citizens of Manatee County call that ethical, moral, or is that what the citizens of Manatee County want as a representative for the office of County Commissioner for the at large 6th district. The campaign of Ms. Whitmore has accepted at least 2500.00 dollars from a Buffalo NY carpetbagger xxxxxxx, who is being investigated for Tax Fraud. That puts Ms.Whitmore in an Ethical and Moral dilemma wanting or choosing to ignore the investigation or hoping no one would notice or bring it to the public’s attention. Claiming ignorance is unacceptable as the newspapers are full of stories about the suspect dealings of xxxxx. Shame on you, Shame on you.

  5. Gary McMullen

    Why is it that the city of Holmes Beach has a millage rate of 1.75 for the last three years and the city of Anna Maria cannot exist on a rollback rate of 1.8685? How is Anna Maria mismanaged? Why must we have an increase of 9% in property taxes and a much larger city is able to function at a lower rate?
    One of the reasons is that Anna Maria wasted thousands on a survey of Gulffront Park. That piece of land has existed and not been washed out for decades and decades. Why pay someone to tell them to remove the pines to prevent erosion? The sea oats that were planted along the gulf have created a three foot dune system in just a couple of years. The pines didn’t seem to threaten them at all. The pines have been on the island longer than any living resident. They are as much a part of life here as the sea oats. Concentrate on reducing the tax burden on the residents instead of trying to destroy the ambiance of the park.

  6. Gary McMullen

    I only discovered the Tide and Moon store during one of our festivals when Pine was open to foot traffic. So the city commissioners in their infinite wisdom deny a business that was allowed an a-frame sign before their ordinance changed while permitting ones at the green village and two for rental properties? How is this fair? Web,Yetter, and Carter have caught the “we know best” mentality of small city government. Charging someone $200.00 for an application is also ridiculous. What happened to a city providing basic functions without citizens having to reimburse them for their time? No wonder no one wanted to run for mayor last term.

  7. Gary McMullen

    The Holmes Beach Congestion Committtee has the right idea about the parking problems on the island. I don’t believe any one thinks that we need more parking spaces. We are suffering from the congestion daily. The residents on beach access streets suffer the most from that congestion. There are cars parked in front of their houses blocking driveways and beach accesses, cars crusing up and down the street looking for places to park and litter. Lots of litter. The day trippers should use the public beaches or park and walk. Use the trolley and walk. No one wants to deny families access to our wonderful beach but we pick up litter daily from uncaring beachgoers who litter without care because they don’t live here. Give some relief to the residents.

    1. HB Resident

      I very much agree with the previous post. Residents of the Island appreciate visitors and we want everyone to be able to access and enjoy the beach. Access to the beach should not be through our neighborhoods though. All we are asking for is that the safety of our roads and streets be returned to us. Most other island communities around Florida and the coastline have eliminated street parking in residential areas already. We are behind again! Instead of being reactive, our island communities need to be more proactive. There is a workable plan on the table now let’s implement it.

  8. jj

    amazing to me that Kaleta is above the law. Breaking and entering, stealing electricity. Why, tell me why does this man once again walk away scott free when anyone else would be in jail? Someone must have better attorneys than him.

  9. Greg Batson

    I ask that you please erect flagpoles and fly the American flag at several places on the island, especially two or three at the Holmes public beach.

  10. Aspen Parx

    Well put Mr. McMullen: Why don’t you run for City Commissioner and put a stop to all this nonsense. At least then we would have someone who does care about the City of Anna Maria!

  11. Gary McMullen

    I hope that the City of Anna Maria pays for it’s arrogance for denying the variance for an elevator. The city has been trying to strip homeownership rights on rentals and now it extends to medically necessary equipment. Shame on Webb, Carter , and Yetter. I believe that Yetter had conversations about the variance and Dye did his typical rubber stamp.

  12. Gary McMullen

    Let me see if I have this straight, you want to pay for the maintenance of the streets but will not charge for where most of the tourists park? Bayfront Park and Pine are where the majority of the vehicular traffic are heading. And, of course, you cannot charge for parking in private lots! Do something positive for your residents. Make right of way parking illegal without a permit. Make Pine safe. At your glacial speed, nothing will be in place before the next winter crush. The sheriff’s office issues the tickets. Put in kiosks and no additional personnel are needed, Problem solved!

  13. Larry Zimmer, M.D.

    At it again. I guess that Mayor Shearon is finding out once you go against (corporation) they stoop to any means to destroy you. I guess they can’t spell ethical.

  14. Jean Van de Camp

    I echo your sentiments completely Mr McMullen. However, in case we have forgotten, the
    Anna Maria City Commissioners have not run the City for years. The ‘business’ interests on Pine and the money behind them have been in charge for many years now. It’s really quite pitiful to watch the Commissioners spend months, if not years, discussing something and then doing absolutely nothing. And people wonder why Anna Maria has changed almost beyond recognition!

  15. Gary McMullen

    Why exempt paid parking from some of the very areas that it is needed? Gulf, Pine and North Bay are the most congested areas in Anna Maria. Be courageous, as you were with the park, and have no exemptions on the righst of way Businesses don’t vote, residents do.

  16. Gary McMullen

    City Pier Park is a fine name for the six lots on Pine. The trees are thriving. Too bad that Hagen and Chiles can’t just move on. I give credit to the commissioners that voted against the donations with conditions. The folly is that they still believe that the residents of Anna Maria support them and their pro-business stance to the detriment of our laid back life due to the traffic and congestion. Grow up. Give back the money in the spirit you would like to have us believe that it was given. Make it something that the city can be proud of!

  17. Gary McMullen

    I, for one, would love to see Rex Hagen and Chiles eat their much-deserved crow pie. I again commend the city for not bowing to the almighty bribe they attempted. I think Aubrey should also sit at the table. And this is not an April Fools joke!

  18. Gary McMullen

    I believe that I am not alone when I say to the North Beach Property Owners Coalition of Longboat Key to have a bridge from Longboat Key to the mainland built or turn around and go the other way! Your traffic is causing the problem. We don’t need to be inconvenienced for your benefit.

  19. Gary McMullen

    So Sgt. Pilato measured the tree house property and determined that, basically, the tree house is not infringing on the erosion control line. That agrees with the dredging company since they are not renourishing the beach under the tree house. What are the demigogs in Holmes Beach going to fall back on now? Stop wasting the city’s money and stop the litigation. Let the owners apply for a building permit and be done with it.

    1. bonnerj

      SPECIFICALLY: The state alleges the tree house violates the 50-foot setback that extends landward from the erosion control line. And as a precedent, the state and the city of Holmes Beach have denied permits for swimming pools in the setback. The setback cannot be used to calculate the home’s density built landward of the setback, or any other use.


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