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Date of Issue: January 19, 2006

Condos proposed for Cortez RV park

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Going condo
Under a proposal submitted to Manatee County by Federal Resort Properties Inc. of Sarasota, the Holiday Cove RV Resort in Cortez would be converted into condominiums. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

The Holiday Cove RV Resort at 11900 Cortez Road would be converted into 78 condominiums under a proposal by Federal Resort Properties Inc. of Sarasota.

Kevin Button of FRP said a preliminary plan has been submitted to Manatee County for the condominiums, but the planning department has not yet reviewed the application.

Button said the company actually has three choices for the property, not just building condominiums, but the condominium option is "preferred."

The condominium plan calls for two 39-unit buildings on the site, along with a clubhouse, pool, playground area, docks and boat ramp. Each building would be four stories over parking.

Button said the condominium plan would reduce density at the RV site from 14 units per acre to 8.8 units per acre, and traffic onto Cortez Road would be cut by 21 percent, according to a traffic study done for the company.

A second option the company is considering is to sell the 112 RV sites to individual buyers, thus making the property an RV condominium.

The company's third alternative for the property is for Manatee County to purchase the land for public preservation.

The Manatee County Commission will set a date to review the application once the county's planning department has reviewed the site plan and made its recommendations.