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Date of Issue: January 23, 2008

Advisory board merger approved by another group

Two advisory boards with similar goals and objectives have joined into one entity, subject to Bradenton Beach City Commission ratification.

The city’s scenic highway committee and its Waterfronts: Accessible, Viable, Ecological and Sustainable group have both agreed to become one. Both groups deal with similar elements within the city: landscaping, bike paths, sidewalks and other streetscape projects. WAVES presently takes a more active role in the city pier and other waterborne functions.

Since much that goes on with the waterfront would involve traffic, scenic highway could be involved.

Both bodies also lack active membership.

Still to come are bylaw changes and, of course, city commission approval.

“I don’t see any downside of joining the two committees,” scenic highway chair Tim Lyons has said.

Scenic highway will probably be a sub-committee to the joint boards, at least for the next few months, as that body hammers out a new management plan for Gulf Drive.

In other business, the groups agreed to update a visitor’s guide featuring Bradenton Beach. A guide was completed with WAVES grant funds last year and was quickly snatched up by visitors.

The new guide will feature advertising to help offset costs, as well as a map of Bradenton Beach.