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Date of Issue: January 04, 2007

Whew! We've got 2 more weeks

With still some dollars to go before the total hits $50,000, Chuck and Joey Lester have given the Island until Jan. 15 to raise more money for the Anna Maria Island Community Center building fund.

The deadline was Dec. 31, by which time the Lesters hoped to owe their share: $50,000.

Chuck and Joey have pledged again this holiday season to match whatever could be raised in partnership with The Islander for the Anna Maria Island Community Center, up to $50,000 by the end of the year.

Well, the pledge holds. As of Friday, the challenge contributions to the building fund were at $42,000, according to Center executive director Pierrette Kelly. As a bonus, challenge contributors have also sent $29,000-plus for the Center’s endowment fund.

But the Lesters really, really want to give $50,000 so the Center gets a total of $100,000, which it badly needs to rebuild the campus in Anna Maria, a costly project that gets more costly as time goes on. It needs every penny.

Don Maloney of the Anna Maria Island Kiwanis Club called The Islander to say the club voted at its Saturday morning meeting to put $5,000 into the challenge pot and, at the same time, a visiting Kiwaniian from Missioui added $100 for a total club donation of $5,100.

Bring or mail your donation to The Islander, 5404 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach FL 34217, or phone 778-7978 or the Center at 778-1908 for information.