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Date of Issue: January 05, 2006

School auction this Saturday

ame auction pic

Islanders looking for a bargain should plan on attending the Anna Maria Elementary School auction starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 7.

In preparation for the opening of the new school, complete with new equipment and furnishings, AME is auctioning off a number of surplus items from the old school.

Items include the contents of 35 furnished classrooms plus televisions and VCRs, file cabinets, desks and chairs, tables, bookshelves, chalkboards, miscellaneous furniture, folding lunchroom tables, air conditioning units and a ceramic kiln.

But that's just for openers.

Other items up for auction are camcorders and laser discs, glass showcases, audio production equipment, a steam table and stove, two exterior marquee signs, a pirate ship playground set, plank benches, an outdoor flagpole, water fountains, hundreds of flat stones from the "old" building entrance and much more.

Sales must be in cash, although Visa and MasterCard will be accepted for a surcharge.

The auction is being conducted by Holzman Auctioneers.

To view the items for auction on the Internet, go to

For more information on the auction, call Holzman Auctioneers at 377-6310.