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Date of Issue: January 05, 2006

Juveniles charged for vandalizing school board property

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School vandals
Vandals blighted the walls of Anna Maria Elementary School Christmas day with graffiti at the former kindergarten classroom breezeway. Three Island juveniles have been arrested and charged with the felony. Islander Photo: Diana Bogan

Three Island juveniles, ages 12-13, were arrested for breaking 10 windows and spray-painting graffiti on the exterior walls, windows and doors at Anna Maria Elementary School over winter vacation.

According to the report, a woman told police her nephews had been overheard discussing vandalism they had seen while on the school campus where they had gone to play.

After visiting the school property, and verifying an act of vandalism had occurred, the woman apprised her sister and brother, the parents of both boys, in addition to notifying police.

The incident was reported to police Dec. 25, and the following day both parents contacted the police department to report their sons’ admission of involvement.

One boy admitted to his mother, and later police, that he had thrown nails and rocks through windows, but said he had not spray-painted graffiti.

The other boys admitted involvement to their father, who brought them to the police station. The boys admitted to contributing to both vandalizing the windows and painting some of the graffiti.

The boys told police that another juvenile, a 13-year-old girl, was at the school with the spray paint. According to the report, she had painted some of the graffiti and when she saw the other juveniles, she showed them what she had done. At that time the boys chose to join her and participate in further vandalizing the school.

Police called the female juvenile and her mother voluntarily brought the girl to the station.

Three of the four juveniles involved voluntarily returned to the station after the Christmas holiday and were taken into custody and transported to the Manatee County Juvenile Assessment Center. The fourth, who is currently out of town, will surrender upon returning to the Island.

The juveniles are charged with felony trespassing - trespassing on a posted construction site and criminal mischief.