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Date of Issue: October 11, 2007

Anna Maria P&Z gets going on land development review

Anna Maria’s planning and zoning board began the daunting task at its Oct. 2 meeting of bringing the city’s land development regulations into compliance with the new comprehensive plan the city will be adopting in the near future.

City planner Alan Garrett told board members they have one year to comb through the regulations, throwing out those that no longer apply, revising those that are ambiguous and adding those required by the revised comprehensive plan.

“We have one year to bring all our codes into compliance with the comprehensive plan,” Garrett observed.

While that might seem like a considerable number of days to perform the required tasks, Garrett said it’s actually a “narrow time frame.”

The first order of business, he said, is to establish a definitions section. During the next month, board members will list definitions that they believe are vague or ambiguous and bring that list to the November meeting for discussion.

Actual discussion of the land development regulations will intensify after the Florida Department of Community Affairs sends its evaluation and appraisal report on the comprehensive plan and future land-use map back to the city. That’s expected by Oct. 19, according to a DCA memo to the city two weeks ago.