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Date of Issue: November 22, 2007

Committee walks Anna Maria business district

In an effort to get a first-hand look at what locations in Anna Maria’s business district might be suitable for landscaping measures or trolley shelters, the members of the transportation grant enhancement committee participated in a “walking” meeting Nov. 12 along Pine Avenue and Gulf Drive.

Commissioner and committee chairperson Jo Ann Mattick said the major highlight of the “tour” was to pinpoint potential locations for new trolley stops and trolley shelters. Committee members also identified locations for landscaping measures such as trees.

“We want to ensure that whatever is planted will have a high likelihood of surviving with little or no maintenance after its initial establishment,” Mattick said.

Locations on the initial list for landscaping are:

Southeast corner of Palm and Gulf drives.

Northeast corner of Magnolia and Gulf drives.

South side of Pine Avenue on city hall property.

North side of Pine Avenue at Tarpon Street adjoining Roser Church – maintain existing parking for use by Roser, but including signage indicating public parking is also allowed.

Other locations were identified where one or more elements of streetscaping might be incorporated or trolley stops could be adjusted to provide a safer distance from the street. Those were:

  • Southwest corner of Magnolia and Gulf drives.
  • Northwest corner of Magnolia and Gulf drives.
  • Southwest corner of Spring and Gulf drives.
  • North side of Pine Avenue at The Studio to adjust location of trolley bench/bike rack.
  • Southeast corner of Pine Avenue and Crescent Drive – readjust trolley stop/bike rack/ trash receptacle.

The committee had planned to inspect the City Pier, but because the committee wanted to devote a significant amount of time to discussions about the pier, members agreed to meet again at 1 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 19 at the city hall to walk to the pier.

The committee is charged with identifying and prioritizing specific areas and measures along Gulf Drive and Pine Avenue where streetscaping might be effective. The list is for the Florida Department of Transportation’s implementation of a federal transportation enhancement grant recently awarded to the city, but not funded until the DOT’s 2010-11 budget.

The DOT will perform the design and engineering required, once the committee selects a specific project. The DOT will also decide if the selected project is feasible with the $358,000 the committee has to spend.

The selected project(s) must be submitted to the DOT by July 2009 for the engineering and design phase to be included in the DOT’s 2009-10 budget.

In addition to Mattick, other members of the committee on the “walking” tour Nov. 12 included Don Brownewell, Nancy Colcord, Michael Coleman, Richard DeFrank, Sissy Quinn, Mary Selby and Betty Yanger.