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Date of Issue: March 17, 2005

ManaSota-88, Perry request dismissal from lawsuit

Rather than accept the terms of a settlement agreement regarding the proposed Arvida-St. Joe Co. condominium project on Perico Island, the environmental group ManaSota-88 and Holmes Beach resident Joan Perry have asked to be voluntarily dismissed from their lawsuit against the project's approval by the City of Bradenton.

Perry and ManaSota-88 had filed a separate lawsuit against the approval from that filed by Manatee County and the three Island cities.

In a mediation settlement agreement, Manatee County and the three Island cities agreed to withdraw their lawsuit in return for concessions from Arvida-St. Joe.

Faced with the prospect of continuing their lawsuit alone and threats by Arvida attorneys to sue for legal fees if Perry and the environmental group lost the suit, ManaSota-88 executive director Glenn Compton said his organization had little choice but to withdraw.

Once Perry and ManaSota-88 have been allowed to withdraw their lawsuit, there will be no further legal challenges to the 686-unit condominium project planned by Arvida-St. Joe.