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Date of Issue: December 22, 2005

Moving day comes for AME

Anna Maria Elementary Pic
Move out
Workers began moving boxes and furniture from the old Anna Maria Elementary School Dec. 13. First to be emptied were the caboose and Building 9. Islander Photos: Diana Bogan

Anna Maria Elementary School teachers and staff spent their final day in the old school Friday, Dec. 16.

Movers from Armstrong Relocation were on campus earlier in the week, parking trailers on the grass in front of the school - a task that appeared to be a little tricky and time consuming.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, movers began the task of transporting boxes into the trailers where they were to be fumigated prior to being moved into the new two-story building. Also on campus were volunteers dismantling and storing the many years' worth of hand-tiles lining the school's corridors.

Items were moved from the trailers into the new building Saturday, Dec. 17, by the moving company, giving staff and volunteers a break from the hectic schedule of the past few weeks in preparing for the move.

In the midst of it all, AME staff members compiled a short but pointed list of things they will not miss as they return to the new building Jan. 4.

These are a few of their least favorite things:

  • Black snow falling from the air conditioner.
  • Mold.
  • Having no classroom bathroom.
  • Lack of storage space.
  • Turning on the air conditioner with a hand-carved yard stick.
  • The old parking lot.
  • Old equipment.
  • Caterpillars and other creepy-crawly bugs in teachers' desks.
  • Inconvenient and ancient staff bathrooms.
  • Limited technology due to old wiring systems.

On the other hand, surplus items and momentos from the old school will be up for auction in January, for those wishing to hang on to some of the fond memories and history of AME.