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Date of Issue: December 23, 2009

Looking for WWII, Korean War veterans

Many readers in The Islander circulation area, including many World War II and Korean War veterans are back for the season, and The Islander is looking for those veterans to tell their story in the newspaper’s Greatest Generation and Forgotten Generation column.

The columns are not written to glorify war or those who wore a uniform in the conflicts, but simply to tell the story of ordinary people in extraordinary times who did their duty and were proud of their service.

None of the veterans interviewed have ever claimed to be a hero. As the veterans have all said, “The heroes are still over there.”

As a veteran and the son of a WWII veteran, I look forward to meeting and talking with each and every member of The Greatest Generation and The Forgotten Generation.

If you are a WWII or Korean War veteran or have a friend who fits the category who has not had his or her story printed in The Islander, please contact me at 941-778-7978, or e-mail me at

“The Greatest Generation” and “Forgotten Generation” columns are for Island, Longboat Key, Perico Island, Palma Sola, Village Green and Cortez veterans, man or woman, who served in the armed forces of any allied country (U.S., Canada, Britain, Holland, Norway, France, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, etc.) during World War II.