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Date of Issue: December 07, 2006

Police swoop in on unattended baggage

An empty suitcase left on the sidewalk the morning of Friday, Dec. 1, at Keyway RV Park at 12316 44th Ave. W. in Cortez raised enough suspicions that the sheriff's office was alerted.

Martha Baxter, a manager of the business where the suitcase was found, reported that she received a phone call from an unknown male stating that she should “check out the suitcase in front of the office.”

Baxter said she looked out and observed a small black roll-around suitcase on the sidewalk. Concerned over some recent evictions, according to the report, she dialed 911.

Manatee County Sheriff's Office secured the scene and canvassed the area. MCSO bomb techs arrived and X-rayed the suitcase.

According to the report, while waiting for the X-ray film to be developed, a resident came to the office and stated that he had placed the empty suitcase there for whomever could use it, to take it.

The X-ray film confirmed the suitcase was empty and it was removed from the sidewalk. No charges have been filed.