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Date of Issue: February 10, 2010

Safety committee seeks agreement

Anna Maria’s parking safety committee will meet again this week in hopes of agreeing on its recommendations to the city commission.

The committee is scheduled to present its recommendations to a joint commission-planning and zoning board meeting the same evening.

Committee Chair Larry Albert and committee member Terry Schaefer presented some possible designs at the committee’s Feb. 4 meeting that call for on-site parking.

The committee compared those to designs previously submitted by member Gene Aubry, an architect, that would move the sidewalk closer to a new structure and allow angle parking between the road and the sidewalk.

Schaefer said he was not offering anything new, just an alternative to the Aubry design for the committee to consider.

Committee members agreed to send the Albert- Schaefer suggestions to city staff for review. The staff already has the Aubry drawing under study.

The issue for committee members is whether new developments in the retail-office-residential district should have all parking on site, or whether parked vehicles should continue to be allowed to back out onto Pine Avenue.

Developer Mike Coleman, who also is a committee member, noted there might not be enough space to build on a lot if on-site parking is required of new developments.

At the end of the meeting, there was no agreement on any particular concept, but the committee agreed to study staff recommendations on each proposal.

“We will take what staff tell us and see if we can come up with recommendations,” said Albert.

The committee has previously agreed that new sidewalks should be constructed closer to buildings and not between parked vehicles and the road.

The committee will meet at 10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, and any committee recommendations made will be presented at the joint city commission-planning and zoning board meeting that night at 6 p.m