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Date of Issue: February 20, 2008

State prosecutor suspended, bribe uncovered

In what can best be described as a convoluted series of events, apparently a state prosecutor’s brother offered to have drug charges dropped for a friend for cash, resulting in suspension for the prosecutor.

The state prosecutor, Andrew R. Mikos, has been suspended with pay, according to Bradenton Beach police, after his brother offered two Bradenton Beach residents accused of drug charges to have those charges dropped if he was paid $1,000.

“We’re still looking into it,” Bradenton Beach detective Sgt. Lenard Diaz said Monday. He added that his report was not yet complete.

The prosecutor’s brother, David R. Mikos, allegedly approached Jessica L. Boyd and her boyfriend, Adam D. Darling, both of Bradenton Beach, and said he could get drug charges against them dropped if he was paid $1,000.

Boyd and Darling were arrested in July 2007 on drug charges. The pair contacted the prosecutor’s office regarding the “deal,” which prompted the investigation.

David Mikos was questioned by police and released.

Andrew Mikos was also questioned and then was suspended from his state job with pay.

The investigation was expected to be finalized after presstime for The Islander, Diaz said.