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Date of Issue: April 07, 2010

Clerk clears record

Rumor prompted Bradenton Beach city clerk Nora Idso to issue a statement of integrity for her office and a reprimand for gossips.

Idso’s rebuke of those who “live in a perpetual state of negativity constantly trying to destroy others,” was read into the record at the city commission meeting April 1.

Idso did not attend the meeting. Instead, deputy clerk Brenda Mehringer read the statement during public comment.

“It has been brought to my attention by two extremely reliable sources that there have been conversations by citizens regarding concerns that someone has, quote, their hands in the cookie jar, unquote,” Mehringer read from the statement.

Idso stated that if such were the case, or if any fiscal improprieties existed at city hall, auditor Ed Leonard would report them and “there would be a plethora of men in suits converging on city hall.”

The statement continued, “As the financial officer of the city and having been identified by name during the conversation, I consider the ‘hand in the cookie jar’ statement character assassination and am currently exploring my legal options with regard to this. For the last 10-plus years I have been a loyal and faithful employee of the city, and to impugn my integrity after this length of time is unacceptable.”

Idso’s statement concluded with a tribute to Theodore Roosevelt’s “Citizenship in a Republic” speech in Paris in 1910.

The statement read, “The credit belongs to those … who know great enthusiasm, and spend themselves in a worthy cause. …Who at best know the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst if they fail at least fail while daring greatly and that their place will never be with their cold and miserable souls who will never know the joy of a positive achievement as they live their lives in a perpetual state of negativity constantly trying to find ways to destroy others.”

Commissioners did not comment when Mehringer finished reading.