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Date of Issue: June 02, 2010

Greenwood helps spur Center success

Trudy Moon, chair of the Affaire to Remember gala, said at a March 19 meeting at the Anna Maria Island Community Center that the addition of Lee Greenwood to the gala had people talking all the way down in Sarasota.

“I think there are no barriers for this event,” Moon said. “It first started 20 years ago, and we kept the event local, then we built it, and began to bring in Bradenton people, then more people from Longboat Key, and now this is the event to be at.”

She said the 352 people at the gala were particularly pleased with the addition of the country singer and Island property owner.

“That’s a lot of attention we probably wouldn’t have got without his name this year,” Moon said. “Greenwood was one of the kindest, most generous people.”

Moon said the board will consider asking Greenwood to return to next year’s April 2 gala if Greenwood’s schedule is open.

The April 24 gala netted $165,041 for the center. Coupled with $100,000 raised for the Lester Challenge, Center board member Bill Ford said the Center is financially strong heading into the summer.

“We have $285,000 in cash for operating funds going into the summer versus $115,000 last year,” Ford said. “So, this is the first time in three years that we can go into the summer feeling good from an operations standpoint. So, we’ll continue to operate full scale in doing what we do best, which is taking care of our kids.”

Ford said the Center is $10,000 above its budgeted revenues.

Of the Center’s $663,229 expenses this year, $346,596 has gone toward salaries.

The Center has $816,601 in revenues this year, $160,531 of which have come from donations.

The board also announced their summer camp will take place from June 14 to Aug. 18.

The camp will include creativity, Friday field trips, specialty classes such as comics, painting and story writing, and specialty camps such as swimming, basketball, soccer and tennis.

The board also announced the addition of board member Jason Sato.

“I grew up in the Center and I want to give back,” Sato said. “So hopefully we can get this thing going for a long time.”