Unmade bed prompts complaint

Island law enforcement officers are looking into Goldilocks-type of break-ins at two local accommodations.

A woman was questioned in the incidents reported last week by the Holmes Beach Police Department, but she was not arrested.

The HBPD reported that on Nov. 19 a woman was seen leaving the pool area of a rental property in the 100 block of 39th Street.

Soon after, staff at the vacation property discovered two units that had been locked from the inside with security chains, but were unoccupied. In other unoccupied units, staff discovered an unmade bed and signs that the kitchens and bathrooms had been used, as well as a wet bathing suit.

“All of the units showed signs that an unauthorized person had been in them,” an HBPD report stated.

A similar situation was reported at another vacation property in Bradenton Beach, where the police department was making inquiries.

An HBPD officer questioned a woman said to match a witness’ description of the person seen leaving the pool area at the 39th Street property, but he did not make an arrest.

The officer, however, confiscated for crime-lab testing a number of keys from various Sarasota area motels and hotels.

The woman said she was homeless and when HBPD checked computer records, the officer learned that she had been reported missing from Santa Cruz, Calif.

HBPD sent a message back to relatives in California.

The woman, however, “did not want her family to know where she was,” the report stated.

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